Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith

Volume 62 Number 4    December 2010

Loving the Kingdom and Responsible Technology        [PDF]    233    Leegwater, Arie Editorial
Neurotheology: Avoiding a Reinvented Phrenology        [PDF]    235    Norman, Wayne D. & Malcolm A. Jeeves Article
C. S. Lewis on Evolution and Intelligent Design        [PDF]    253    Peterson, Michael L. Article
Ten Lunar Legacies: Importance of the Moon for Life on Earth        [PDF]    267    Spradley, Joseph L Article
Seeking a Signature        [PDF]    276    Venema, Dennis R.
A Reply to Lamoureux’s Review of Beale’s The Erosion of Biblical Inerrancy (PSCF 62, no. 2 [2010]: 133–8)        [PDF]    302    Montgomery, John Warwick Letter to the Editor
Two Book Interpretation of Revelation (PSCF 62, no. 1 [2010]: 16–24)        [PDF]    303    Paul, William W. Letter to the Editor
Historical Adam? (PSCF 62, no. 3 [2010]: 147–65)        [PDF]    304    Fischer, Dick Letter to the Editor
Eisegesis Denies Inerrancy (PSCF 62, no. 3 [2010]: 147–65)        [PDF]    304    Siemens, David F., Jr. Letter to the Editor
Cultural Development and Adam        [PDF]    305    Martin, Jon W. Letter to the Editor
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