Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith

Volume 61 Number 1    March 2009

The Two-Book Metaphor: What Questions Do We Need to Ask?        [PDF]    1    Leegwater, Arie Editorial
Chance for a Purpose        [PDF]    3    Hall, John W. Article
Revisiting the God of the Gaps        [PDF]    13    Larson, Ronald G. Article
Nonexistence of Humphreys’ "Volume Cooling" for Terrestrial Heat Disposal by Cosmic Expansion        [PDF]    23    Pitts, Brian J. Article
Athens Meets Jerusalem: Revelation for Philosophers        [PDF]    29    Prevost, Robert
God and Evolution: A Review of Four Contemporary Books        [PDF]    40    Sollereder, Bethany
Facing Abominable Mysteries (PSCF 60, no. 3 [2008]: 166–77)        [PDF]    62    Godfrey, Thomas James Letter to the Editor
Not All Mysteries Are Equivalent (PSCF 61:1 [2009]: 62–3)        [PDF]    63    Duff, R. Joel Letter to the Editor
Does Philosophy Justify ID? (PSCF 60, no. 4 [2008], 233–9)        [PDF]    64    Siemens, David F., Jr. Letter to the Editor
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