Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith

Volume 60 Number 3    September 2008

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September 2008 Table of Contents   [PDF]      
PSCF: A Retro- and Prospective        [PDF]    145    Isaac, Randy Editorial
'War Is Over, If You Want It': Beyond the Conflict between Faith and Science        [PDF]    147    Larsen, Timothy Article
Christians and Climate Change: A Social Framework of Analysis        [PDF]    156    Curry, Janel Article
Flood Geology’s Abominable Mystery        [PDF]    166    Duff, R. Joel Article
Faith in the Halls of Science: A Conversation with Ian Hutchinson        [PDF]    178    Peck, Evan & Giberson, Karl
First Man versus Adam in Genesis (PSCF 60, no. 1 [2008]: 71)        [PDF]    206    Ruest, Peter Letter to the Editor
Can Science Make the ‘Breath’ of God Part of Its Subject Matter? (PSCF 60, no. 2 [2008]: 103–14)        [PDF]    207    Alexanian, Moorad Letter to the Editor
Does the Bible Really “Declare” the Earth Young? (PSCF 60, no. 1 [2008]: 35)        [PDF]    207    Yang, Paul S. Letter to the Editor
AI, Scripture, and Hardware (PSCF 60, no. 2 [2008]: 95–102)        [PDF]    208    Siemens, Jr., David F. Letter to the Editor
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