Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith

Volume 60 Number 1    March 2008

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March 2008 Table of Contents   [PDF]      
Rapprochement Between Science and Religion        [PDF]    1    Leegwater, Arie Editorial
Lessons from the Heavens: On Scripture, Science and Inerrancy        [PDF]    4    Lamoureux, Denis O. Article
A Comparison of Green Chemistry to the Environmental Ethics of the Abrahamic Religions        [PDF]    16    Bennett, George D. Article
Professional Engineering Ethics and Christian Values: Overlapping Magisteria        [PDF]    26    Ermer, Gayle E. Article
RATE Responds to the Isaac Essay Review        [PDF]    35    Vardiman, Larry & Andrew A. Snelling, Eugene F. Chaffin, Steven A. Austin, D. Russell Humphreys,  Donald B. DeYoung, Steven W. Boyd Author Exchange
Isaac Replies        [PDF]    36    Isaac, Randy Author Exchange
Intrinsic Radiocarbon?        [PDF]    38    Bertsche, Kirk Author Exchange
Historically Inaccurate and Seriously Misleading Argument        [PDF]    39    Thorson, Walter R. Author Exchange
Critiquing the Uncritical        [PDF]    40    Siemens, Jr., David F. Author Exchange
Poe Replies        [PDF]    41    Poe, Harry Lee Author Exchange
Genesis 1–11 in the Light of Its Second Millennial Worldview: A Response to Carol Hill’s Worldview Alternative        [PDF]    44    Seely, Paul H. Communication
Numerology in Genesis        [PDF]    70    Nelson, P. G. Letter to the Editor
Prudence and the Redeeming of Technology: A Response to Ken Funk        [PDF]    71    Adams, Charles C. Letter to the Editor
Adam and Eve        [PDF]    71    Nelson, P. G. Letter to the Editor
A Response to Ken Funk        [PDF]    71    Osepchuk, John M. Letter to the Editor
Residual Radiocarbon in an Old-Earth Scenario        [PDF]    72    Chaffey, Charles E. Letter to the Editor
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