Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith

Volume 60 Number 4    December 2008

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The Challenge of Interpretation        [PDF]    209    Leegwater, Arie Editorial
In Memoriam: Sir John Templeton: Member and Patron of ASA        [PDF]    211    Herrmann, Robert L.
Chiasmic Cosmology and Atonement        [PDF]    214    Murphy, George L. Article
Defining Undesign in a Designed Universe        [PDF]    225    Snoke, David Article
Intelligent Design and the State University: Accepting the Challenge        [PDF]    233    Groothuis, Douglas Article
A Response to Douglas Groothuis        [PDF]    240    Thorson, Walter R. Article
God's Use of Chance. Review of God, Chance and Purpose: Can God Have It Both Ways? by David J. Bartholomew        [PDF]    248    Dembski, William A. Essay Book Review
Evangelical and Catholic Interactions with Science. Review of Catholicism and Science, by Peter M. J. Hess and Paul L. Allen and Evangelicals and Science, by Michael Roberts.        [PDF]    251    Haas, Jr.. J. W. Essay Book Review
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