Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith

Volume 59 Number 2    June 2007

Introduction to Papers from the Redeeming Reason II Conference        [PDF]    89    Morrison, Terry & Mulholland, John Editorial
Warfare and Wedlock: Redeeming the Faith-Science Relationship        [PDF]    91    Hutchinson, Ian H. Article
Integration and Confrontation of Contemporary Worldviews: Evolution and Intelligent Design        [PDF]    102    Pun, Pattle Article
Epiphany for a Small Planet: Christology, Astronomy and Mutuality        [PDF]    110    Padgett, Alan Article
The Professor and the Pupil: Addressing Secularization and Disciplinary Fragmentation in Academia        [PDF]    119    DeWitt, Calvin B. Article
About the Butterfly        [PDF]    128    Poe, Harry Lee
A Third Alternative to Concordism and Divine Accommodation: The Worldview Approach        [PDF]    129    Hill, Carol A. Article
How Old Is It? How Do We Know? A Review of Dating Methods—Part Three: Thermochronometry, Cosmogenic Isotopes, and Theological Implications        [PDF]    136    Young, Davis A. Article
Assessing the RATE Project        [PDF]    143    Isaac, Randy
Dialogues Appreciated        [PDF]    166    Bruggink, Paul Letter to the Editor
Intelligent Design Is Not Natural Science (PSCF 59.1 [2007]: 55-62)        [PDF]    167    Nelson, Fredric P. Letter to the Editor
Kudos for the March 2007 Issue        [PDF]    167    Peterson, James C. Letter to the Editor
Book Reviews [HTML] [PDF]  

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