Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith

Volume 59 Number 1    March 2007

Do We Debate or Dialogue Issues of Science and Faith?        [PDF]    1    Miller, Roman Editorial
Creation        [PDF]    3    Johnson, Luke Timothy Article
Pandemic Justice        [PDF]    10    Lebacqz, Karen Article
A Recovery of Wisdom as Virtue for an Ethics of Genetics        [PDF]    19    Deane-Drummond, Celia Article
How Old Is It? How Do We Know? A Review of Dating Methods— Part Two: Radiometric Dating: Mineral, Isochron and Concordia Methods        [PDF]    28    Young, Davis A. Article
Concordism and a Biblical Alternative: An Examination of Hugh Ross’s Perspective        [PDF]    37    Seely, Paul
Additional Explanations on Concordism: A Response to Paul Seely’s Critique        [PDF]    46    Ross, Hugh
Reading Modern Science into Scripture        [PDF]    51    Seely, Paul
Is Intelligent Design ‘Scientific’?        [PDF]    55    Haarsma, Loren
The Positive Side of Intelligent Design: A Response to Loren Haarsma        [PDF]    63    Behe, Michael J.
The Filter Aspect of Intelligent Design: A Reply to Michael J. Behe        [PDF]    64    Haarsma, Loren
Intelligent Design and Evolution: Do We Know Yet?        [PDF]    65    Bloom, John A.
Sand Castles; Or, Ode to Charlie        [PDF]    66    Poe, Harry Lee
The Arrow of Time        [PDF]    67    Poe, Harry Lee
Salvaged Stone        [PDF]    68    Arveson, Paul
Hives Save Lives        [PDF]    69    Whitby, Linda New & Views
Author Corrects the ‘Science or Sience’ Article” (PSCF 58, no. 3 [2006]: 226–34)        [PDF]    84    Mino, Jeff Letter to the Editor
Life and Energy Are Siblings Entities” (PSCF 58, no. 4 [2006]: 303–9)        [PDF]    84    Woodburn, John H. Letter to the Editor
Theistic Science: The Metaphysics of Science” (PSCF 58, no. 1 [2006]: 2–15)        [PDF]    85    Alexanian, Moorad Letter to the Editor
Clouser’s Response to Alexanian” (PSCF 59, no. 1 [2007]: 85–6)        [PDF]    86    Clouser, Roy Letter to the Editor
Are the Products of ANT and SCNT Equivalent? A Response to Peterson” (PSCF 58, no. 4 [2006]: 294–302)        [PDF]    86    McCallum, J. Bruce Letter to the Editor
Peterson’s Response to McCallum” (PSCF 59, no. 1 [2007]: 86–7)        [PDF]    87    Peterson, James C. Letter to the Editor
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