Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith

Volume 59 Number 4    December 2007

Transitions: A Way of Life        [PDF]    249    Miller, Roman Editorial
Global Warming: Scientific Basis and Christian Responses        [PDF]    250    Ackerman, Thomas Article
Global Warming--An Anabaptist Responds in Sermon        [PDF]    265    Swartzendruber, Loren Article
Six Easy Pieces: One Pedagogical Approach to Integrating Science/Faith/Origins into College-Level Introductory Physics Courses        [PDF]    268    Cordry, Sean M. Article
Paradise Regained: Teaching Science from a Christian Standpoint in a Postmodern Age        [PDF]    275    Meehan, Amalee Article
Using Galileo to Teach Darwin: A Developmental and Historical Approach        [PDF]    283    Boyd, Craig A. Communication
Theories of Origins: A Multi- and Interdisciplinary Course for Undergraduates at Wheaton College        [PDF]    289    Moshier, Stephen O. & Arnold, Dean, Funck, Larry L., Lewis, Raymond, Smith, Albert J., Walton, John H., Wharton, William Communication
The Dangers of Neutrality in the Origins Debate        [PDF]    297    Bergman, Jerry Communication
Through the Eye of a Needle: The Science, Art, and Stewardship of Pinhole Photography        [PDF]    303    Venema, Dennis R.
Celestial Lights        [PDF]    304    Yoder, Lois
Coping with Bioethical Dilemmas in the Christian Community        [PDF]    317    Jones, D. Gareth Letter to the Editor
The Gap in Creation        [PDF]    318    McGrath, Gavin Letter to the Editor
Seeking the Emergence of Created Man and Woman        [PDF]    318    Schneider, Robert C. Letter to the Editor
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