Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith Index: December 2007


Art Eyes Science

Venema, Dennis R.“Through the Eye of a Needle: The Science, Art, and Stewardship of Pinhole Photography,” 59:4, 303, D 2007.

Yoder, Lois. “Celestial Lights,” 59:4, 304, D 2007.



Ackerman, Thomas. “Global Warming: Scientific Basis and Christian Responses,” 59:4, 250, D 2007.

Cordry, Sean M. “Six Easy Pieces: One Pedagogical Approach to Integrating Science/Faith/Origins into College-Level Introductory Physics Courses,” 59:4, 268, D 2007.

Meehan, Amalee. “Paradise Regained: Teaching Science from a Christian Standpoint in a Postmodern Age,” 59:4, 275, D 2007.

Swartzendruber, Loren. “Global Warming—An Anabaptist Responds in Sermon,” 59:4, 265, D 2007.


Book Reviews

Attfield, Robin. Creation, Evolution and Meaning, 59:4, 309, D 2007. (Dennis W. Cheek)

Hay, David. Something There: The Biology of the Human Spirit, 59:4, 315, D 2007. (Kevin Seybold)

Heddle, David. Here, Eyeball This! 59:4, 315, D 2007. (George L. Murphy)

Johnson, Anne Janette. The Scopes “Monkey Trial,” 59:4, 311, D 2007. (H. Newton Malony)

Lodge, David M. and Christopher Hamlin, eds. Religion and the New Ecology: Environmental Responsibility in a World in Flux, 59:4, 305, D 2007. (Charles E. Chaffey)

Maddox, Brenda. Freud’s Wizard: Ernest Jones and the Transformation of Psychoanalysis, 59:4, 316, D 2007. (H. Newton Malony)

Nichols, Stephen J. The Reformation: How a Monk and a Mallet Changed the World, 59:4, 313, D 2007. (Richard Ruble)

Polkinghorne, John C. One World: The Interaction of Science and Theology, 59:4, 312, D 2007. (John W. Burgeson)

Porterfield, Amanda. The Protestant Experience in America, 59:4, 314, D 2007. (Winifred Flint)

Ray, Darby Kathleen, ed. Theology That Matters: Ecology, Economy, and God , 59:4, 305, D 2007. (J. David Holland)

Sarkar, Sahotra. Doubting Darwin? Creationist Designs on Evolution, 59:4, 310, D 2007. (Amos Yong)

Smith, Cameron M. and Charles Sullivan. The Top 10 Myths about Evolution, 59:4, 309, D 2007. (Thomas Robey)

Stanley, Tomm. The Big Tree at George and Charlotte’s House, 59:4, 308, D 2007. (Richard Ruble)

Stenger, Victor J. God, the Failed Hypothesis: How Science Shows That God Does Not Exist, 59:4, 313, D 2007. (Wayne Dawson)

Thirring, Walter. Cosmic Impressions, 59:4, 306, D 2007. (Glenn R. Morton)

Thomas, R. Murray. God in the Classroom: Religion and America’s Public Schools, 59:4, 315, D 2007. (Dennis W. Cheek)

Tipler, Frank J. The Physics of Christianity, 59:4, 308, D 2007. (Donald A. Yerxa)

Vernon, Mark. Science, Religion and the Meaning of Life, 59:4, 312, D 2007. (Bill Tyson)

von Fange, Erich A. In Search of the Genesis World, 59:4, 310, D 2007. (Glenn R. Morton)

White, James Boyd, ed. How Should We Talk about Religion? Perspectives, Contexts, Particularities, 59:4, 313, D 2007. (Dennis W. Cheek)

Young, Davis A. John Calvin and the Natural World, 59:4, 307, D 2007. (J. W. Haas, Jr.)


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Miller, Roman. “Transitions: A Way of Life,” 59:4, 249, D 2007.


Index, Volumes 57–59, 2005–2007, 59:4, 320, D 2007.


Jones, D. Gareth. “Coping with Bioethical Dilemmas in the Christian Community,” 59:4, 317, 2007.

McGrath, Gavin. “The Gap in Creation,” 59:4, 318, D 2007.

Schneider, Robert C. “Seeking the Emergence of Created Man and Woman,” 59:4, 318, D 2007.