Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith

Volume 58 Number 3    September 2006

Virtue Ethics and Grace        [PDF]    169    Miller, Roman Editorial
Evolving Concepts of Nature and Human Genetic Engineering        [PDF]    171    McCallum, J. Bruce Article
Embryonic Stem Cells and a Reformed Christian World View: A Response to Robert Boomsma        [PDF]    179    Teo, Adrian & Calbreath, Donald Article
The Oral Contraceptive as Abortifacient: An Analysis of the Evidence        [PDF]    189    Sullivan, Dennis M. Article
Seeking the Emergence of Created Man and Woman        [PDF]    196    Schneider, Robert C. Article
Science and the Mystery of the Human Person        [PDF]    216    Trenn, Thaddeus J. Communication
Science or Sience: The Question of Intelligent Design Theory        [PDF]    226    Mino, Jeff Young Scientists' Corner
Why Does ID Get (Nearly) All the Christian Press?        [PDF]    235    Everest, Michael A. New & Views
Creation Versus Creationism        [PDF]    236    Finlay, Graeme & Choong, Bernard, Flenley, John, Karunasinghe, Nishi, O’Brien, Graham, Preslidge, Ross, Print, Cris, Shelling, Andrew, West, Mark New & Views
Mounting Evidence for Theistic Evolution against Intelligent Design        [PDF]    239    Siemens, Jr., David F. New & Views
Intelligent Design from an Old Earth Creationist Perspective        [PDF]    252    McGrath, Gavin Letter to the Editor
The Two Books: An Appreciated Article        [PDF]    253    Alkema, Harry Letter to the Editor
Correction: Values in Millimeters Not Inches!        [PDF]    253    Hill, Carol A. Letter to the Editor
Reduction in Science        [PDF]    253    Nelson, P. G. Letter to the Editor
Titanic Deck Chairs and the “Real” Adam        [PDF]    253    Olson MD, Ross S. Letter to the Editor
Set Theoretic Analysis of the Whole of Reality        [PDF]    254    Alexanian, Moorad Letter to the Editor
Reading God’s Works in a Non-Christian Context        [PDF]    255    Strand, Mark A. Letter to the Editor
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