Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith

Volume 58 Number 2    June 2006

Were Neanderthals Created in God’s Image?        [PDF]    89    Miller, Roman Editorial
The Real Adam and Original Sin        [PDF]    90    McIntyre, John A.
Will the Real Adam Please Stand Up!        [PDF]    99    Yoder, Perry
Reply to the Real Adam and Original Sin        [PDF]    102    Hurd, James P.
The Original Adam and the Reality of Sin        [PDF]    104    Wilcox, David
A Reply to the Responders        [PDF]    106    McIntyre, John A.
Roads to Paradise and Perdition: Christ, Evolution, and Original Sin        [PDF]    109    Murphy, George L. Article
Qualitative Hydrology of Noah’s Flood        [PDF]    120    Hill, Carol A. Article
Quantitative Hydrology of Noah’s Flood        [PDF]    130    Hill, Alan E. Article
The Dilemma Posed by the Wee People        [PDF]    142    Morton, Glenn R. Communication
Did Animals Die before the Fall?        [PDF]    146    Phillips, Perry G. New & Views
Phenomenological Language in Ancient Revealed Narrative ( PSCF 57 [December 2005]: 342–3)        [PDF]    164    Rüst, Peter. Letter to the Editor
On Freedom and Incarnation in Nonreductionistic Materialism” (PSCF 58, no. 1 [March 2006]: 86f)        [PDF]    165    Siemens, Jr., David F. Letter to the Editor
Glimpses: Nature in Praise        [PDF]    166    Yoder, Lois
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