Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith

Volume 58 Number 1    March 2006

When Fraud Knocks on the Door (PSCF 57, no. 4 [December 2005]: 302–10)        [PDF]    1    Miller, Roman Editorial
Prospects for Theistic Science        [PDF]    2    Clouser, Roy
Is Clouser’s Definition of Religious Belief Itself Religiously Neutral?        [PDF]    16    LeMorvan, Pierre
Comments on Clouser’s Claims for Theistic Science        [PDF]    18    Halvorson, Hans
On Reducing Nearly Everything to Reductionism        [PDF]    20    Ratzsch, Del
Replies to the Comments of Le Morvan, Halvorson, and Ratzsch on ‘Prospects for Theistic Science'        [PDF]    23    Clouser, Roy
Needed: A New Vocabulary for Understanding Evolution        [PDF]    28    Nelson, Fredric P. Article
Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research and Christian Community Ethics: An Old Testament Investigation        [PDF]    37    Shrier, Cahleen & Shrier, Paul Article
Cultural Transformation and Conservation: Growth, Influence, and Challenges for the Judeo-Christian Stewardship Environmental Ethic        [PDF]    48    VanDyke, Fred Article
Reading God’s Two Books        [PDF]    64    Murphy, George L. Communication
John Wesley’s Survey of the Wisdom of God in Creation: A Methodological Inquiry        [PDF]    68    Felleman, Laura Bartels. “ Communication
The Experiential Consequences of a Multiverse (PSCF 57, no. 4 [December 2005]: 302–10)        [PDF]    86    Larson, Ronald G.
Neuroscience, Free Will, and the Incarnation (PSCF 57, no. 3 [September 2005]: 187–90)        [PDF]    86    Nelson, P. G. Letter to the Editor
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