Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith

Volume 57 Number 1    March 2005

Christian Environmentalism: Cosmos, Community, and Place        [PDF]    1    Wood, John & Curry, Janel, Bouma-Prediger, Steve, Bjelland, Mark, and Bratton, Susan Editorial
Nature, Technology and the Imago Dei: Mediating the Nonhuman through the Practice of Science        [PDF]    6    Stephenson, Bret Article
Place-Based Agriculture: Christian Environmentalism Informing Collaborations in Agroecology & Biotechnology        [PDF]    13    Koetje, David S. Article
The Good of a Flourishing Creation: Seeking God in a Culture of Affluence        [PDF]    24    Warners, David & Borst, Larry Article
And Why Do You Worry about Clothes?’ Environmental Ethics and the Textile Complex        [PDF]    34    Divita, Lorynn Article
Paradise Lost? Setting the Boundaries around Invasive Species        [PDF]    44    Clements, David R. & Corapi, Wayne V. Article
Anti-Aging: Radical Longevity, Environmental Impacts, and Christian Theology        [PDF]    55    Boorse, Dorothy Article
Only One (56.2 [2004]: 102-10)        [PDF]    71    Eshelbrenner, Derek Letter to the Editor
Are Patriarchal Ages Factual or Fictional? (56.2 [2004]: 152-3)        [PDF]    71    Godfrey, Thomas James Letter to the Editor
Abraham Began the 430 Years: Such Numbers Are Not Figurative (56.4 [2004]: 308)        [PDF]    73    Gilbert III, William H Letter to the Editor
Old Glaciers (56.2 [2004]: 156-7)        [PDF]    74    Blodgett, Arlan Letter to the Editor
Concordism Lacks Concord with Both Scripture and Jesus (56.3 [2004]: 235-6)        [PDF]    74    Seely, Paul Letter to the Editor
‘Human Personhood’ and Embryonic Stem Cells (56.1 [2004]: 38–48; 56.3 [2004]: 216–25)        [PDF]    74    Terman, C. Richard Letter to the Editor
A Further Response to Discher and Madden        [PDF]    75    Siemens, Jr., David F. Letter to the Editor
RFE and ID Universes Are Both Supernatural (56.4 [2004]: 292-5)        [PDF]    76    Nelson, Fredric P. Letter to the Editor
Stem Cell Research: Critiques and Views (56.4 [2004]: 309)        [PDF]    77    Carter, Ben M. Letter to the Editor
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