Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith

Volume 56 Number 3    September 2004

Longeing Is More Than Trotting in a Circle        [PDF]    161    Miller, Roman J. Editorial
The Real Adam        [PDF]    162    McIntyre, John A. Article
Genesis 1 as a Sign of the Evolutionary Record: Art and Implications        [PDF]    172    Zimmer, J. Raymond Article
An Individualized Approach to Religious Coping in Alzheimer's Disease        [PDF]    181    Seifert, Lauren S. & Baker, Melinda K. Article
Computer Origins and the Defense of the Faith        [PDF]    189    Montgomery, John Warwick Article
James Clerk Maxwell's Refusal to Join the Victoria Institute        [PDF]    204    McNatt, Jerrold L. Article
An Evaluation of Three Religious Perspectives on Stem Cell Research        [PDF]    216    Mannoia, Kristyn A.
Is Aardsma's Flood Theory Both Scientific and Biblical? (55.2 [2003]: 138-9)        [PDF]    234    Godfrey, Thomas James Letter to the Editor
Accommodationism's Illusion of Solving Biblical Problems (56.1 [2004]: 75)        [PDF]    235    Ruest, Peter Letter to the Editor
Articles Lack Real Science and Faith        [PDF]    236    Heinrichs, Daniel Letter to the Editor
Would God 'Play' This Way? (56.1 [2004]: 38-48)        [PDF]    236    Sullivan, Dennis M. Letter to the Editor
Are Dangerous Animals a Consequence of the Fall of Lucifer? (56.2 [2004]: 117-25)        [PDF]    237    Alexanian, Moorad Letter to the Editor
From Whence Evil? (56.2 [2004]: 117-25)        [PDF]    237    McLaughlin, Bruce Letter to the Editor
Cold Facts about the GISP2 Ice Core and the Flood (56.2 [2004]: 156-7)        [PDF]    238    Seely, Paul Letter to the Editor
Some Confused Diagrams and Laws (56.2 [2004]: 126-30)        [PDF]    239    Siemens, Jr., David F. Letter to the Editor
Light on the Special Theory of Relativity (56.2 [2004]: 89-101)        [PDF]    239    Wharton, William R. Letter to the Editor
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