Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith

Volume 56 Number 2    June 2004

What Do You Have There in Your Hand?        [PDF]    81    Miller, Roman J. Editorial
ASA in the 21st Century: Expanding Our Vision for Serving God, the Church, and Society through Science and Technology        [PDF]    82    Touryan, Kenell J. Article
A Conceptual Key for Deeper Insights into Continuous Causation of the Reality Flow of the Universe        [PDF]    89    Bate, George L. Article
A Mathematical Analogue for a Model of the Trinity        [PDF]    102    Williams, Bill R. & Dickerson, Mark S. Article
The Invisible Link Between Mathematics and Theology        [PDF]    111    Kvasz, Ladislav Article
Why Were Dangerous Animals Created?        [PDF]    117    Snoke, David Article
Venn's Diagram in Mathematics and Its Application to Theological Ethics        [PDF]    126    Kiss, Igor Communication
A History of Trilobites as 'Living Fossils'        [PDF]    131    Ritterbush, Linda A. Communication
Is Adam for Real?        [PDF]    135    Fischer, Dick New & Views
Partiarchal Ages in Genesis (55:4 [December 2003]: 239-51)        [PDF]    152    Johnson, Richard Letter to the Editor
Interpreting Numbers in Genesis (55:4 [December 2003]: 239-51)        [PDF]    153    Blodgett, Arlan Letter to the Editor
Genesis Age Gaps? (55:4 [December 2003]: 239-51)        [PDF]    153    Gilbert, William H. Letter to the Editor
Apparent Age (55:4 [December 2003]: 222-31)        [PDF]    154    West, Earle H. Letter to the Editor
Ulitmate Proof or Ultimate Flood? Response to Paul Seely (55:4 [December 2003]: 252-60        [PDF]    156    Eshelbrenner, Derek Letter to the Editor
On Del Ratzsch's Article (56:1 [ March 2004]: 14-25)        [PDF]    157    Nelson, Fredric P. Letter to the Editor
Heraclitus Talks with Chauncey Wright        [PDF]    158    Carter, Ben M.
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