Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith Index: June 2004


Miller, Roman J.“What Do You Have There in Your Hand?” 56:2, 81, J 2004.

Plenary Presenters

Touryan, Kenell J. ASA in the 21st Century: Expanding Our Vision for Serving God, the Church, and Society Through Science and Technology, 56:2, 82, J 2004.


Bate, George L. “A Conceptual Key for Deeper Insights into Continuous Causation of the Reality Flow of the Universe,” 56:2, 89, J 2004.

Kvasz, Ladislav. “The Invisible Link Between Mathematics and Theology,” 56:2, 111, J 2004.

Snoke, David. “Why Were Dangerous Animals Created?” 56:2, 117, J 2004.

Williams, Bill R. and Mark S. Dickerson. “A Mathematical Analogue for a Model of the Trinity,” 56:2, 102, J 2004.


Kišš, Igor. “Venn’s Diagram in Mathematics and Its Application to Theological Ethics,” 56:2, 126, J 2004.

Ritterbush, Linda A. “A History of Trilobites as ‘Living Fossils,’” 56:2, 131, J 2004.

News & Views

Fischer, Dick. “Is Adam for Real?” 56:2, 135, J 2004.

Book Reviews

Bivins, Jason C. The Fracture of Good Order: Christian Antiliberalism and the Challenge to American Politics, 56:2, 150, J 2004. (John W. Burgeson)

Bruckman, Robert. Can We Be Good Without God? Biology, Behavior, and the Need to Believe, 56:2, 138, J 2004. (J. David Holland)

Bush, L. Russ. The Advancement: Keeping Faith in an Evolutionary Age, 56:2, 146, J 2004. (O. C. Karkalits)

Conway Morris, Simon. Life’s Solution: Inevitable Humans in a Lonely Universe, 56:2, 145, J 2004. (Steve Delamarter and Paul Brown)

Deane-Drummond, Celia, Bronislaw Szerszynski, and Robin Grove-White, eds. Re-ordering Nature: Theology, Society and the New Genetics, 56:2, 140, J 2004. (Dennis W. Cheek)

Flemings, Hal. A Philosophical, Scientific, and Theological Defense for the Notion That a God Exists, 56:2, 148,

J 2004. (Richard Ruble)

Grady, Wayne. The Bone Museum, 56:2, 151, J 2004. (Ken Mickleson)

Hecht, Jennifer Michael. Doubt: A History, 56:2, 148, J 2004. (Richard Ruble)

Hefner, Philip. Technology and Human Becoming, 56:2, 142, J 2004. (David T. Barnard)

Humphreys, Colin J. The Miracles of Exodus: A Scientist’s Discovery of the Extraordinary Natural Causes of the Biblical Stories, 56:2, 139, J 2004. (Fraser F. Fleming)

Knuth, Donald E. Things a Computer Scientist Rarely Talks About: Interactions Between Faith and Computer Science, 56:2, 140, J 2004. (John W. Burgeson)

Manson, Neil A., ed. God and Design: the Teleological Argument and Modern Science, 56:2, 144, J 2004. (Robert Rogland)

Murphy, George L. The Cosmos in the Light of the Cross, 56:2, 145, J 2004. (Allan H. Harvey)

Nesteruk, Alexei V. Light from the East: Theology, Science, and the Eastern Orthodox Tradition, 56:2, 142, J 2004. (Donald A. Yerxa)

Nohl, Frederick. Luther: Biography of a Reformer, 56:2, 149, J 2004. (Richard Ruble)

Oppenheimer, Stephen. The Real Eve, 56:2, 137, J 2004. (Glenn R. Morton)

Pearsall, Paul. The Beethoven Factor: The New Positive Psychology of Hardiness, Happiness, Healing, and Hope, 56:2, 150, J 2004. (Richard Ruble)

Peterson, Michael L. and Raymond J. Vanarragon, eds. Contemporary Debates in Philosophy of Religion, 56:2, 147, J 2004. (Richard Ruble)

Post, Stephen G. Unlimited Love: Altruism, Compassion, and Service, 56:2, 151, J 2004. (Richard Ruble)

Powell, Corey S. God in the Equation: How Einstein Became the Prophet of the New Religious Era, 56:2, 143,

J 2004. (George L. Murphy)

Schaefer III, Henry F. Science and Christianity: Conflict or Coherence? 56:2, 141, J 2004. (Dave Fisher)

Schaefer III, Henry F. Science and Christianity: Conflict or Coherence? 56:2, 141, J 2004. (Fraser F. Fleming)

Thistlethwaite, Susan Brooks, ed. Adam, Eve, and the Genome, 56:2, 137, J 2004. (Glenn R. Morton)

Wilson, David Sloan. Darwin’s Cathedral: Evolution, Religion, and the Nature of Society, 56:2, 147, J 2004. (John W. Burgeson)

Wood, Todd Charles and Megan J. Murray. Understanding the Pattern of Life: Origin and Organization of the Species, 56:2, 143, J 2004. (Robert Rogland)

Zimmerman, Martha. Celebrating Biblical Feasts, 56:2, 149, J 2004. (Richard Ruble)


Blodgett, Arlan. “Interpreting Numbers in Genesis,” (55:4 [December 2003]: 239–51), 56:2, 153, J 2004.

Eshelbrenner, Derek. “Ultimate Proof or Ultimate Flood? Response to Paul Seely,” (55:4 [December 2003]: 252–60), 56:2, 156, J 2004.

Gilbert, William H. “Genesis Age Gaps?” (55:4 [December 2003]: 239–51), 56:2, 153, J 2004.

Johnson, Richard. “Patriarchal Ages in Genesis,” (55:4 [December 2003]: 239–51), 56:2, 152, J 2004.

Nelson, Fredric P. “On Del Ratzsch’s Article,” (56:1 [March 2004]: 14–25), 56:2, 157, J 2004.

Nelson, Peter G. “Mature Creation,” (55:4 [December 2003]: 222–31), 56:2, 155, J 2004.

West, Earle H. “Apparent Age,” (55:4 [December 2003]: 222–31), 56:2, 154, J 2004.