Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith

Volume 56 Number 1    March 2004

When the Paradigm Shifts...        [PDF]    1    Miller, Roman J. Editorial
Theological Insights from Charles Darwin        [PDF]    2    Lamoureux, Denis O. Article
Design: What Scientific Difference Could It Make?        [PDF]    14    Ratzsch, Del Article
Naturalism and Design in Biology: Is 'Intelligent Dialogue' Possible?        [PDF]    26    Thorson, Walter R. Article
Embryonic Stem Cells and a Reformed Christian World View        [PDF]    38    Boomsma, Robert A. Article
Establishing Adam: Recent Evidences for a Late-Date Adam (AMH@100,000 BP)        [PDF]    49    Wilcox, David L. Communication
Complexity Theory as Model and Metaphor for the Church        [PDF]    55    Wollert, David A. Communication
On the Structure of Genesis [response to Hill, 55.4 December 2003 and Fischer, 55.4 December 2003]        [PDF]    74    Blank, Henry F. Letter to the Editor
The Flood [response to Hill, 55.3 September 2003]        [PDF]    74    Nelson, P. G. Letter to the Editor
Numbers in Genesis [response to Hill, 55.4 December 2003]        [PDF]    75    LaBar, Martin Letter to the Editor
Concordism's Illusion That It Is Upholding the Historicity of Genesis [response to Hill 55.3 September 2003; McIntyre 55.4 December 2003; Godfrey 55.4 December 2003]        [PDF]    75    Seely, Paul H. Letter to the Editor
Do Ice Cores Disprove Aardsma's Flood Theory?        [PDF]    76    Godfrey, Thomas James Letter to the Editor
Beginning, etc.        [PDF]    78    Poe, Harry Lee Art Eyes Science
The Ultimate Wonder        [PDF]    79    Siemens, Esther F. Art Eyes Science
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