Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith

Volume 55 Number 3    September 2003

The 'New Song' Symphony        [PDF]    141    Miller, Roman J. Editorial
Faith and the Human Genome        [PDF]    142    Collins, Francis S. Article
The Convergence of Science and Religion        [PDF]    154    Townes, Charles Article
Mathematics and Metaphysics        [PDF]    159    Carter, Ben M. Article
Paring and Plus-ing the Godhead: An Algebraic Analogy        [PDF]    169    Bovell, Carlos R. Article
Random Worms: Evidence of Random and Nonrandom Processes in the Chromosomal Structure of Archaea, Bacteria and Eukaryotes        [PDF]    175    Morton, Glenn R. & Simons, Gordon Article
Challenges and Opportunities for Christians in Sciences at the Beginning of Their Careers        [PDF]    185    Lin, Johnny & Veltkamp, Pam, DeJong, Randall, Hall, Steven, Miller, Ruth Douglas, Munro, Don Article
An Author Responds to a Negative Book Review [54.3 September 2002)        [PDF]    207    Corey, Machael A. Letter to the Editor
The Reviewer Responds to Author [54.3 September 2002]        [PDF]    209    Burgeson, John Letter to the Editor
Beyond the Hills of Seely [55.2 June 2003]        [PDF]    209    Hill, Carol A. Letter to the Editor
'Subtle Energy' May Not Be Demonic [55.2 June 2003]        [PDF]    210    Chen, T. Timothy Letter to the Editor
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