Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith

Volume 55 Number 2    June 2003

The Gathering        [PDF]    71    Miller, Roman J. Editorial
Science: Christian and Natural        [PDF]    72    Hutchinson, Ian Article
Truth in Science: Proof, Persuasion, and the Galileo Affair        [PDF]    80    Gingerich, Owen Article
Interpreting the Book of Nature        [PDF]    88    Menuge, Angus J. L. Article
Hermeneutics for Reading the Book of Nature: A Response to Angus Menuge        [PDF]    99    Thorson, Walter R. Article
Indirectness and the Displacement Problem: A Reply to Walter Thorson        [PDF]    102    Menuge, Angus J. L. Article
What is the 'Subtle Energy' in Energy Healing?        [PDF]    104    Burkholder, Lawrence E. Article
Some Problems for Theistic Evolution        [PDF]    117    Newman, Robert C. Article
Thomas Aquinas and RFEP [Response to Van Till, 54.4, December 2002]        [PDF]    136    Teo, Adrian Letter to the Editor
Response to Discher and Van Till Dialogue [55.1, March 2003]        [PDF]    137    Carter, Ben M. Letter to the Editor
On Super-Intelligent Design [54.4, December 2002]        [PDF]    137    Trenn, Thaddeus J. Letter to the Editor
Beyond the Hills of Concordism and Creation Science [Response to Hill and Hill, 55.1, March 2003]        [PDF]    138    Seely, Paul H. Letter to the Editor
Why We Exist        [PDF]    139    Quittenton, R. C. Letter to the Editor
Altruism as Evidence for Intelligent Design        [PDF]    139    Morris, Michael C. Letter to the Editor
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