Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith

Volume 55 Number 1    March 2003

Before Technology Falters        [PDF]    1    Miller, Roman J. Editorial
A Christian Perspective on the Impact of Modern Science on Philosophy of Mind        [PDF]    2    Moreland, J. P. Article
Looking to the Birds: A Perspective on the Interpretation of Nature        [PDF]    14    Lahti, David Article
Miracles, Intelligent Design, and God-of-the-Gaps        [PDF]    22    Collins, Jack Article
The Panda's Thumb: Design and Optimality from Plato to Endo        [PDF]    30    Thornhill, Richard Article
Finding Gould's God        [PDF]    36    Wollert, David Communication
Transcultural Issues in Science        [PDF]    41    Strand, Mark Young Scientists' Corner
Essay Review: Bowler, Peter J. Reconciling Science and Religion: The Debate in Early-Twentieth-Century Britain        [PDF]    45    Haas, John W., Jr.
On Universal Language (54, no. 3 [September 2002]: 170–83)        [PDF]    66    Hill, Art Letter to the Editor
Response to Art Hill (55, no. 1 [March 2003]: 66-67)        [PDF]    67    Hill, Carol A. Letter to the Editor
Discher Analysis Raises Concerns (54, no. 4 [December 2002]: 220–41)        [PDF]    68    Krause, David J. Letter to the Editor
Intelligent Design and Right Stuff: Where is the Truth?” (54, no. 4 [December 2002]: 220–32)        [PDF]    69    Blount, George H. Letter to the Editor
On Discher’s Reply to Van Till (54, no. 4 [December 2002]: 240–1)        [PDF]    69    Siemens, Jr., David F. Letter to the Editor
Shocking News on Genetically Modified Corn        [PDF]    70    Osepchuk, John M. Letter to the Editor
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