Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith

Volume 55 Number 4    December 2003

The Good, the True, and the Beautiful        [PDF]    211    Hearn, Walter R. Editorial
The Roots of the Western Concept of the 'Laws of Nature': From the Greeks to Newton        [PDF]    212    Padgett, Alan G. Article
Young-Earth Creationism: A Literal Mistake        [PDF]    222    Fischer, Dick Article
Life: An Analogy Between Views of Its Creation and Eternal Life        [PDF]    232    Siemens, Jr., David F. Article
Making Sense of the Numbers of Genesis        [PDF]    239    Hill, Carol A. Article
The GISP2 Ice Core: Ultimate Proof that Noah's Flood Was Not Global        [PDF]    252    Seely, Paul H. Article
A Response to Carol Hill's "Noachian Flood" Account [54.3 September 2002]        [PDF]    275    Blodgett, Arlan Letter to the Editor
Just Wait [response to Blodgett 55.4 December 2003]        [PDF]    276    Hill, Carol A. Letter to the Editor
Concordism Revisited [response to Seely, 55.2 June 2003]        [PDF]    276    McIntyre, John A. Letter to the Editor
On the Hills of Concordism and Creation Science [response to Seely, 55.2 June 2003]        [PDF]    277    Godfrey, Thomas James Letter to the Editor
Reflections on Newman's 'Problems for Theistic Evolution' [55.2 June 2003]        [PDF]    278    Drews, Carl Letter to the Editor
Newman's Reply to Drews [55.4 December 2003]        [PDF]    279    Newman, Robert C. Letter to the Editor
The House of Elijah [response to a Book Review, 55.3 September 2003, p. 196]        [PDF]    279    Gilbert, William H. Letter to the Editor
Randomness and Divine Agency [response to Morton and Simons, 55.3 September 2003]        [PDF]    279    Carter, Ben M. Letter to the Editor
Divine Sovereignty, Chance and Design: A Response to Carter [55.4 December 2003]        [PDF]    280    Morton, Glenn & Simons, Gordon Letter to the Editor
What Is Randomness? [response to Morton and Simons, 55.3 September 2003]        [PDF]    280    Chen, T. Timothy Letter to the Editor
Can Inanimate Objects Exercise Rationality? [reponse to Collins, 55.3 September 2003]        [PDF]    281    Woodburn, John H. Letter to the Editor
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