Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith

Volume 54 Number 3    September 2002

Syzygy: Aligning Heaven, Earth, and Faith        [PDF]    149    Miller, Roman J. Editorial
The Historical Adam        [PDF]    150    McIntyre, John A. Article
A Possible Natural Complement to the Story of the Fall        [PDF]    158    Zimmer, J. Raymond Article
The Noachian Flood: Universal or Local?        [PDF]    170    Hill, Carol A. Article
Dialectical Realism in Theology and Science        [PDF]    184    Padgett, Alan G. Article
Language at the Dawn of Humanity        [PDF]    193    Morton, Glenn R. New & Views
God's Sovereignty in Creation-A Reply to Howard Van Till [54.1, p. 67-70]        [PDF]    215    Ruest, Peter Letter to the Editor
Response to Moorad Alexanian, "Humans and Consciousness" [54.1, p. 65]        [PDF]    217    Struthers, William M. Letter to the Editor
Dissimilarity of Theory Testing in Historical and Hard Sciences: A Response to Keith Miller [54.2, p. 119]        [PDF]    218    Pitts, J. Brian Letter to the Editor
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