Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith

Volume 54 Number 2    June 2002

Lambing Ethics        [PDF]    79    Miller, Roman J. Editorial
Overconsumption: An Ethical Dilemma for Christian Engineers        [PDF]    80    Swearengen, Jack & Woodhouse, Edward Article
Biomedical Manipulation: Arguing the Case for a Cautiously Optimistic Stance        [PDF]    93    Jones, D. Gareth Article
Toward a Theology of Sustainable Agriculture        [PDF]    103    Hall, Steven Article
Humor, Spirituality, and Well-Being        [PDF]    108    Hostetler, Jep Article
The Problem of Epistemology and Cosmic Models        [PDF]    114    Carter, Ben M. Communication
The Similarity of Theory Testing in the Historical and “Hard” Sciences        [PDF]    119    Miller, Keith Communication
Should ASA Defend and Advance Professional Ethics in Science and Technology Professions?        [PDF]    124    Carson, Joseph P. New & Views
Intelligent Design and Metaphysics        [PDF]    126    VanOstenburg, Donald O. New & Views
Is Theism a Theory? A Reply to Snoke [53.3, p. 152]        [PDF]    146    Dawson, Shawn Letter to the Editor
Choice of Research Topic        [PDF]    147    Hammond, Percy Letter to the Editor
A Reply to the Dialogues [54.1]        [PDF]    147    Nelson, Fredric P. Letter to the Editor
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