Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith

Volume 54 Number 1    March 2002

Prick of the Goad        [PDF]    1    Miller, Roman J. Editorial
Legitimacy and Scope of “Naturalism” in Science: Part 1. Theological Basis for a “Naturalistic” Science        [PDF]    2    Thorson, Walter R. Article
Legitimacy and Scope of “Naturalism” in Science: Part 2. Scope for New Scientific Paradigms        [PDF]    12    Thorson, Walter R. Article
Can Functional Logic Take the Place of Intelligent Design? [Response to Thorson 54.1]        [PDF]    22    Dembski, William A. Article
Can We Reclaim One of the “Stolen Words”? [Response to Thorson 54.1]        [PDF]    24    Drees, Willem B. Article
Is God Transcendent or Immanent in Creation? [Response to Thorson 54.1]        [PDF]    26    Hawk, William Article
Can Many World Views Agree on Science? [Response to Thorson 54.1]        [PDF]    28    Haarsma, Loren Article
Is Scientism the Predominant Religion of Scientists? [Response to Thorson 54.1]        [PDF]    30    Crouch, Catherine H. Article
Is the Boundary Between Science and Theology Distinct? [Response to Thorson 54.1]        [PDF]    32    Finger, Thomas Article
Can We Trust the Logic of Function? [Response to Thorson 54.1]        [PDF]    34    Bowman, Richard Article
Does Design Tip the Scales? [Response to Thorson 54.1]        [PDF]    35    Miller, Elva B. Article
What Is Logic of Functional Organization? [Response to Thorson 54.1]        [PDF]    36    Vibert, Peter Article
Are the Standards of Evidence Realistic? [Response to Thorson 54.1]        [PDF]    37    Mills, Gordon C. Article
What Is the Deep Structure of “Naturalism”? [Response to Thorson 54.1]        [PDF]    39    Trenn, Thaddeus Article
Method or Metaphysics? [Response to Thorson 54.1]        [PDF]    40    Sire, James W. Article
Thorson Replies... [Response to Dembski et al. 54.1]        [PDF]    42    Thorson, Walter R. Article
Phillip Johnson and the Origins of the Intelligent Design Movement, 1977-1991        [PDF]    47    Yerxa, Donald A. Article
Inversion and Resolution [Response to Bergman 52.1]        [PDF]    63    Mann, Robert Letter to the Editor
More Dialogue Desired on Origin Models [Response to Miller 53.1]        [PDF]    64    Landers, Robert E. Letter to the Editor
Response to Allan Harvey, “On Natural Explanations” [53.2]        [PDF]    64    Hill, Arthur R. Letter to the Editor
Humans and Consciousness [Response to Struthers 53.2]        [PDF]    65    Alexanian, Moorad Letter to the Editor
“AGOG versus GOG” [Response to Snoke 53.3]        [PDF]    65    Taylor, C.P.S. Letter to the Editor
Abandon GOG Arguments [Response to Snoke 53.3]        [PDF]    66    Murphy, George L. Letter to the Editor
Does God Choose Among Hidden Options? A Response to Peter Ruest [53.3]        [PDF]    67    VanTill, Howard J. Letter to the Editor
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