Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith Index: Vol. 53:3, September 2001

Miller, Roman J. "Pest Purgation for Productive Pasture," 53:3, 141, S 2001.      [HTML - Full Text]      [PDF - Full Text]

Bergman, Jerry. "The Functions of Introns: From Junk DNA to Designed DNA," 53:3, 170, S 2001.      [HTML - Full Text]      [PDF - Full Text]
Schneider, Robert J. "Does the Bible Teach a Spherical Earth?" 53:3, 159, S 2001.      [HTML - Full Text]      [PDF - Full Text]
Snoke, David. "In Favor of God-of-the-Gaps Reasoning," 53:3, 152, S 2001.      [HTML - Full Text]      [PDF - Full Text]
Spaling, Harry, Janelle Zwier and David Kupp. "Earthkeeping and the Poor: Assessing the Environmental Sustainability of Development Projects," 53:3, 142, S 2001.      [HTML - Full Text]      [PDF - Full Text]

Miles, Sara Joan. "Charles Darwin and Asa Gray Discuss Teleology and Design," 53:3, 196, S 2001.      [HTML - Full Text]      [PDF - Full Text]
Miller, Keith B. "Natural Hazards: Challenges to the Creation Mandate of Dominion?" 53:3, 184, S 2001.      [HTML - Full Text]      [PDF - Full Text]
Ruest, Peter. "Creative Providence in Biology," 53:3, 179, S 2001.      [HTML - Full Text]      [PDF - Full Text]
Touryan, Kenell J. "From Objective-Realism to Subjective-Relativism: Can We Find a Golden Mean?" 53:3, 188, S 2001.      [HTML - Full Text]      [PDF - Full Text]

Book Reviews      [HTML - Full Text]      [PDF - Full Text]
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