Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith

Volume 53 Number 1    March 2001

Beyond the Edge? [HTML]          1    Miller, Roman J. Editorial
Another View on an Alleged Fatal Flaw in Evolution          2    Dawson, Shawn New & Views
A Look at Intelligent Design          4    Aulie, Richard New & Views
Theistic Evolution: Enough Already! [HTML]          5    Hill, Arthur R. New & Views
Chiasmic Cosmology and Creation's Functional Integrity [HTML]          7    Murphy, George L. Article
A Different Voice from the Eve of The Origin: Reconsidering John Henry Newman on Christianity, Science, and Intelligent Design [HTML]          14    Kalthoff, Mark A. Article
A Time and a Place for Noah [HTML]          24    Hill, Carol A. Article
Transitional Forms and the Evolution of Phyla [HTML]          42    Morton, Glenn R. Article
On God, Science, and Perspectives [HTML]          67    Heinrichs, Daniel Communication
Repeating Error: Another Perspective [HTML]          69    Pittman, Tom Communication
Dissoulution? [HTML]          69    Siemens, Jr., David F. Communication
Book Reviews [HTML]    

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