Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith

Volume 53 Number 4    December 2001

Proceedings from the conference,
Asking the Right Questions: Christian Faith and the Choice of
Research Topic in the Natural and Applied Sciences

Sponsored by InterVarsity and Graudate and Faculty Christian Fellowship and
Funded by The John Templeton Foundation

October 13-15, 2000
Mundelein, IL


Why Publish these Proceedings?        [PDF]    219    Miller, Roman J. Editorial
Why Ask these Questions?        [PDF]    220    Morrison, Terry Editorial
Session I: Does God Care About our Research?
How Does God Guide Our Decisions?        [PDF]    221    Suppe, John Article
How Does God Lead Us to Our Calling?        [PDF]    225    Harper Jr., Charles Article
Discussion        [PDF]    234    Harper Jr., Charles & Suppe, John Article
Session II: What Are the Christian Foundations for Doing Science?
What Biblical Principles Are Essential?        [PDF]    236    Morrison, Terry Article
What Is the Role of Worship?        [PDF]    238    DeWitt, Calvin Article
Session III: What Is Historically Important to Consider?
What Lessons from the Past Aid Our Choice?        [PDF]    241    Russell, Colin Article
Session IV: What Discipline Perspectives Guide Us?
What Is the Perspective from Bioscience?        [PDF]    248    Hardin, Jeff Article
What Is the Perspective from Physical Science?        [PDF]    258    Suppe, John Article
What Is the Perspective from Applied Science?        [PDF]    263    Eden, J. Gary Article
Session V: What Areas Need Research?
What Are the Needs for Further Research in the Natural and Applied Sciences?        [PDF]    270    Keister, Brad, Price, Martin, Foster, Mark, Seales, Brent, and DeWitt, Calvin Article
Session VI: What Are Important Future Directions?
Session VI: What Are Important Future Directions? Where Do We Go from Here?        [PDF]    283    Anderson, Paul, Haarsma, Loren, Dembski, William, and Emmerich, Susan Drake Article
What Are the Major Themes of This Conference?        [PDF]    292    Morrison, Terry Article
Bibliography        [PDF]    295    Morrison, Terry Article
Conference Participants        [PDF]    295    Morrison, Terry Article

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