Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith
 Vol. 52:3, September 2000

Miller, Roman J. A Gift Shared, 52:3, 149, S 2000.

Emberger, Gary. "Theological Analysis of Selected Recent Creationist Assertions
Concerning the Occurrence of Death Before Sin," 52:3, 160, S 2000.
Larson, Ronald G. "Viral Evolution: Climbing Mount Molehill?" 52:3, 169, S 2000.

Austerberry, Charles F. "Teaching Evolution while Respecting Faith in a Creator," 52:3, 187, S 2000.
Carter, Ben M. "Richard Dawkins as Bad Poet," 52:3, 181, S 2000.
Murphy, George L. "Cross-Based Apologetics for a Scientific Millennium," 52:3, 190, S 2000.
Siemens, Jr., David F. "Considering the Probabilities of Creation and Evolution," 52:3, 194, S 2000.

News & Views
Bouma, Hessel III. "Completing the Human Genome Project: The End is Just the Beginning," 52:3, 152, S 2000.
Peterson, James C. "Newsworthy Genetics," 52:3, 151, S 2000.

Young Scientists' Corner
Crouch, Catherine H. "Scientific Ethics: A Realm for Partnership," 52:3, 156, S 2000.

Book Reviews
Clouser, Roy. Knowing with the Heart: Religious Experience and Belief in God, 52:3, 211, S 2000. (Jan de Koning)
Cooper, David and Robert P. Lanza. Xeno: The Promise of Transplanting Animal Organs into Humans, 52:3, 207, S 2000. (Braxton M. Alfred)
Gallant, Roy A. Early Humans: The Story of Science, 52:3, 208, S 2000. (Richard Ruble)
Gnanakan, Ken. God's World: A Theology of the Environment, 52:3, 201, S 2000. (J. David Holland)
Hessel, Dieter T. and Rosemary Radford Ruether, eds. Christianity and Ecology: Seeking the Well-Being of Earth and Humans, 52:3, 200, S 2000. (Braxton M. Alfred)
Humber, James M. and Robert F. Almeder, eds. Is There a Duty to Die? 52:3, 202, S 2000. (John W. Burgeson)
Jammer, Max. Einstein and Religion: Physics and Theology, 52:3, 205, S 2000. (John M. Drake)
Lyons, Sherrie L. Thomas Henry Huxley: The Evolution of a Scientist, 52:3, 205, S 2000. (John M. Drake)
O'Hare, Mick, ed. The Last Word: Questions and Answers from the Popular Column on Everyday Science, 52:3, 207, S 2000. (Richard Ruble)
Schopf, J. William. Cradle of Life: The Discovery of Earth's Earliest Fossils, 52:3, 209, S 2000. (Dennis Cheek)
Sine, Tom. Mustard Seed Versus McWorld: Reinventing Life and Faith for the Future, 52:3, 210, S 2000. (David Condron)
Southgate, Christopher, ed. God, Humanity, and the Cosmos: A Textbook in Science and Religion, 52:3, 203, S 2000. (Fraser F. Fleming)
Stace, Alexa. Atlas of Earth, 52:3, 208, S 2000. (Richard Ruble)
Wiles, Maurice. Reason to Believe, 52:3, 212, S 2000. (Richard Ruble)
Wyller, Arne A. The Creating Consciousness: Science as the Language of God, 52:3, 204, S 2000. (Kai-man Kwan)

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