Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith
Index: Vol. 52:1, Mar. 2000



Miller, Roman J." Welcome, New Day!" 52:1, 1, M 2000.


Bergman, Jerry. "Is the Inverted Human Eye a Poor Design?" 52:1, 18, M 2000.
Dodson, Edward O. "Toldot Adam: A Little-Known Chapter in the History of Darwinism," 52:1, 47, M 2000.
Hill, Carol A. "The Garden of Eden: A Modern Landscape," 52:1, 31, M 2000.
Zoeller-Greer, Peter. "Genesis, Quantum Physics and Reality: How the Bible agrees with Quantum Physics --An Anthropic Principle of Another Kind: The Divine Anthropic Principle," 52:1, 8, M 2000.


Morris, Michael C. "God's Design Plan in Nature: A Fresh Look at Altruism," 52:1, 55, M 2000.


1999 Donors, 52:1, 58, M 2000.

Young Scientists' Corner

Roth, Michelle. "A View from the Crossroads of Science and Faith," 52:1, 4, M 2000.

Book Reviews

Cremo, Michael A. Forbidden Archeology's Impact, 52:1, 63, M 2000. (Dominic J. Caraccilo)
Ebert, John David. Twilight of the Clockwork God: Conversions on Science and Spirituality at the End, 52:1, 69, M 2000. (Dominic J. Caraccilo)
Farber, Seth. Unholy Madness: The Church's Surrender to Psychiatry, 52:1, 73, M 2000. (Lytton John Musselman)
Geisler, Norman. Baker Encyclopedia of Christian Apologetics, 52:1, 71, M 2000. (Richard Ruble)
Giere, Ronald N. Science Without Laws, 52:1, 70, M 2000. (Robert A. Campbell)
Gieryn, Thomas F. Cultural Boundaries of Science: Credibility on the Line, 52:1, 71, M 2000. (Dennis Cheek)
Golshani, Mehdi, ed. Can Science Dispense With Religion? 52:1, 61, M 2000. (Fraser F. Fleming)
Gould, Stephen Jay. Rocks of Ages: Science and Religion in the Fullness of Life, 52:1, 60, M 2000. (George L. Murphy)
Greene, John C. Debating Darwin: Adventures of a Scholar, 52:1, 64, M 2000. (Donald A. Yerxa)
Gregerson, N. H. and J. W. Wentzel van Huyssteen, eds. Rethinking Theology and Science: Six Models for the Current Dialogue, 52:1, 61, M 2000. (M. Marcinko Kuehn)
Jaki, Stanley L. Means to Message: A Treatise on Truth, 52:1, 68, M 2000. (Donald A. Yerxa)
Shäfer, Lothar. In Search of Divine Reality: Science as a Source of Inspiration, 52:1, 63, M 2000. (Robert A. Campbell)
Simonnet, Dominique, et al. Origins: Cosmos, Earth, and Mankind, 52:1, 68, M 2000. (Dominic J. Caraccilo)
Sobosan, Jeffrey G. Romancing the Universe: Theology, Science, and Cosmology, 52:1, 65, M 2000. (James Wing)
Stoner, Don. A New Look at an Old Earth, 52:1, 66, M 2000. (Joseph Lechner)
Terman, Max R. Messages from an Owl, 52:1, 65, M 2000. (Lytton John Musselman)
van Huyssteen, J. Wentzel. The Shaping of Rationality, 52:1, 72, M 2000. (Dan Simon)

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