Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith

Volume 51 Number 3    September 1999

Exemplary Books [HTML]          141    Haas, Jr., J. W. Editorial
Irving A. Cowperthwaite (1904-1999): One of the Five Founding Fathers of ASA [HTML]          142    Everest, F. Alton Communication
Where Does the Spiritual World Fit into Our Description of the Physical World? [HTML]          143    Miller, Robert L. New & Views
We Won [HTML]          144    McIntyre, John A. New & Views
Neanderthal/Human Hybrid [HTML]          145    Morton, Glenn R. New & Views
Science and Development in Developing Countries [HTML]          146    Dormer, Kenneth J. & Kinoti, George Article
Determinism and the Semidecidability of a Free Choice [HTML]          158    Feucht, Dennis L. Communication
Evolution’s Fatal Flaw [HTML]          162    McIntyre, John A. Communication
Creation Science Takes Psalm 104:6-9 Out of Context [HTML]          170    Seely, Paul H. Communication
Planning Ahead: Requirement for Moral Accountability [HTML]          176    Morton, Glenn R. Communication
Review of Consilience: The Unity of Knowledge by E. O. Wilson [HTML]          181    Pearson, Thomas D. Communication
On Unity [HTML]          208    Tiscareno, Matthew S. Letter to the Editor
On Moberg [HTML]          209    Siemens, David F., Jr. Letter to the Editor
A Response to David Siemens’ Prediction Sets [HTML]          209    Mills, Gordon C. Letter to the Editor
Book Reviews [HTML]    

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