June 1999 Index -- Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith


Haas, Jr., J. W. "The Literature on Science and Religion," 51:2, 71, J 1999.

Young Scientists' Corner
Struthers, William M. "A Guide to Graduate School for Christians in Science: Growing and Staying Sane," 51:2, 72, J 1999.

News & Views
Crouch, Catherine H., Deborah B. Haarsma, and Loren Haarsma. "Doing Science and Loving the Needy," 51:2, 76, J 1999.

Carter, Ben M. "Consciousness Explained?" 51:2, 78, J 1999.
Morton, Glenn R. "Dating Adam," 51:2, 87, J 1999.

McGrath, Gavin Basil. "James Orr's Endorsement of Theistic Evolution," 51:2, 114, J 1999.
Potter, Harley D. "How to End Science's Border War: A Conceptual Framework," 51:2, 98, J 1999.
Siemens, David F. "Two Prediction Sets and Their Consequences for Applying Intelligent Design Theories," 51:2, 108, J 1999.
Touryan, Kenell J. "Are Truth Claims in Science Socially Constructed?" 51:2, 102, J 1999.

Essay Review
Brown, Warren S., Nancey Murphy, and Newton H. Malony, eds. Whatever Happened to the Soul? Scientific and Theological Portraits of Human Nature, 51:2, 122, J 1999. (Pablo Polischuk)

Book Reviews
Abanes, Richard. End-Time Visions: The Road to Armageddon? 51:2, 135, J 1999. (John W. Burgeson)
Ankerberg, John and John Weldon. Darwin's Leap of Faith, 51:2, 130, J 1999. (James O. Buswell III)
Arden, John Boghosian. Science, Theology and Consciousness: The Search for Unity, 51:2, 134, J 1999. (Richard H. Bube)
Asimov, Isaac. The Roving Mind, 51:2, 129, J 1999. (David T. Barnard)
Barkley, Oliver. Evangelicalism in Britain 1935­1995: A Personal Sketch, 51:2, 128, J 1999. (Charles Wingard)
Bonda, Jan. The One Purpose of God: An Answer to the Doctrine of Eternal Punishment, 51:2, 136, J 1999. (David Condron)
DiCanzio, Albert. Galileo: His Science and His Significance for the Future of Man, 51:2, 127, J 1999. (J. David Holland)
Glynn, Patrick. God, the Evidence: The Reconciliation of Faith and Reason in a Postsecular World, 51:2, 127, J 1999. (Bruno D. Granger)
Hayward, James L. The Creation/Evolution Controversy: An Annotated Bibliography, 51:2, 131, J 1999. (Ralph E. MacKenzie)
Johnson, Phillip E. Objectives Sustained: Subversive Essays on Evolution, Law & Culture, 51:2, 132, J 1999. (Ralph MacKenzie)
Kennedy, D. James. Skeptics Answered, 51:2, 136, J 1999. (Everette Hatcher III)
Larson, Edward J. Summer for the Gods: The Scopes Trial and America's Continuing Debate over Science and Religion, 51:2, 126, J 1999. (Ryan O'Connor)
Lawrence, Christopher and Steven Shapin, eds. Science Incarnate: Historical Embodiments of Natural Knowledge, 51:2, 126, J 1999. (Fraser F. Fleming)
Rhodes, Ron. The Complete Book of Bible Answers, 51:2, 137, J 1999. (Tony G. Hiebert)
Roberts, Robert C. and Mark R. Talbot, eds. Limning the Psyche: Explorations in Christian Psychology, 51:2, 135, J 1999. (Harold W. Faw)
Sutton, Geoffrey V. Science for a Polite Society: Gender, Culture and the Demonstration of Enlightenment, 51:2, 133, J 1999. (Daniel J. Berger)

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