March 1999 Index -- Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith


Haas, Jr., J. W. "Creation and the Churches," 51:1, 8, M 1999.

Young Scientists' Corner
Wiseman, Jennifer J. "How You Can Help Young Christians in Science," 51:1, 2, M 1999.

News & Views
Duff, R. Joel. "Carbon 14 and Lead Deposition," 51:1, 6, M 1999.
Editorial Staff, "The Nature Debates," 51:1, 6, M 1999.
‹‹‹, "Politics & Environmnet," 51:1, 6, M 1999.

Moberg, David O. "The Great Commission and Research," 51:1, 8, M 1999.
Murphy, George L. "Does the Trinity Play Dice?" 51:1, 18, M 1999.
Musselman, Lytton John. "Solomon's Plant Life: Plant Lore and Image in the Solomonic Writings," 51:1, 26, M 1999.

Jensen, Dennis. "Pain, Pleasure and Evolution: An Analysis of Paul Draper's Critique of Theism," 51:1, 40, M 1999.
Spradley, Joseph L. "Extrasolar Planets and Religious Responses," 51:1, 34, M 1999.

1998 Donors, 51:1, 48, M 1999.

Book Reviews
Aay, Henk and Sander Griffioen, eds. Geography and Worldview: A Christian Reconnaissance, 51:1, 54, M 1999. (Gordon Lewthwaite)
Ator, Joe T. The Return of Credibility: Scientific Discoveries Support Belief in the Bible's Creation Account, 51:1, 59, M 1999. (George D. Bennett)
Blazer, Dan. Freud vs. God: How Psychiatry Lost its Soul and Christianity Lost its Mind, 51:1, 63, M 1999. (Gregory D. Smith)
Cafferky, John. Evolution's Hand: Searching for the Creator in Contemporary Science, 51:1, 59, M 1999. (Fazale (Fuz) R. Rana)
Clark, G. A. and C. M. Willermet, eds. Conceptual Issues in Modern Human Origins Research, 51:1, 61, M 1999. (Janice Drodge)
Davis, Stephen T. God, Reason and Theistic Proofs, 51:1, 50, M 1999. (Bruno D. Granger)
Ellis, Marc H. Unholy Alliance: Religion and Atrocity in Our Time, 51:1, 68, M 1999. (Robert A. Campbell)
Emsley, John. Molecules at an Exhibition: Portraits of Intriguing Materials in Everyday Life, 51:1, 53, M 1999. (Charles E. Chaffey)
Frend, William. The Archaeology of Early Christianity: A History, 51:1, 65, M 1999. (Lytton John Musselman)
Goldsmith, Edward. The Way: An Ecological World-view, 51:1, 56, M 1999. (Bernard J. Piersma)
Heifetz, Milton D. Ethics in Medicine, 51:1, 62, M 1999. (Edward M. Blight, Jr.)
Kole, Andre and Jerry MacGregor. Mind Games: Exposing Today's Psychics, Frauds, and False Spiritual Phenomena, 51:1, 64, M 1999. (James Wing)
Larsen, Dale & Sandy. Seven Myths about Christianity, 51:1, 69, M 1999. (Ralph E. MacKenzie)
Lightman, Bernard, ed. Victorian Science in Context, 51:1, 58, M 1999. (Fraser F. Fleming)
Locke, John. Edited by George W. Ewing. The Reasonableness of Christianity, 51:1, 55, M 1999. (Bruno D. Granger)
MacMurray, John. By Chance? Landscapes from the Canvas of the Creator, 51:1, 57, M 1999. (Richard Ruble)
Matthews, Dale A. with Connie Clark. The Faith Factor: Proof of the Healing Power of Prayer, 51:1, 66, M 1999. (John W. Burgeson)
McMullen, Emerson Thomas. William Harvey and the Use of Purpose in the Scientific Revolution: Cosmos by Chance or Universe by Design? 51:1, 52, M 1999. (James Wing)
Overman, Dean L. A Case Against Accident and Self-Organization, 51:1, 61, M 1999. (Charles E. Chaffey)
Peters, Ted, ed. Science and Theology: The New Consonance, 51:1, 52, M 1999. (J. David Holland)
Rhodes, Ron. Alien Obsession: What Lies Behind Abduction, Sightings, and the Attraction to the Paranormal, 51:1, 65, M 1999. (David Condron)
Shapin, Steven. The Scientific Revolution, 51:1, 50, M 1999. (T. Timothy Chen)
Smith, Pamela. What Are They Saying about Environmental Ethics? 51:1, 57, M 1999. (Richard H. Bube)
Styles, John. The Animal Creation: Its Claims on Our Humanity Stated and Enforced, 51:1, 67, M 1999. (Martin LaBar)
Sumner, L. W. and Joseph Boyle, eds. Philosophical Perspectives on Bioethics, 51:1, 63, M 1999. (Richard H. Bube)
Suzuki, David with Amanda McConnell. The Sacred Balance: Rediscovering Our Place in Nature, 51:1, 55, M 1999. (J. David Holland)
Tickle, Phyllis A. God-Talk in America, 51:1, 68, M 1999. (B. Spencer Haygood)
Webb, Stephen H. On God and Dogs: A Christian Theology of Compassion for Animals, 51:1, 67, M 1999. (Martin LaBar)
White, Michael. Isaac Newton: The Last Sorcerer, 51:1, 51, M 1999. (William H. Hamilton, Jr.)

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