Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith

Volume 50 Number 3    September 1998

The Joy of Science [HTML]          157    Haas, Jr., J. W. Editorial
In Transition [HTML]          158    Hall, Steven G. Young Scientists' Corner
Neutrino Mass, Inflationary Cosmology, and the Fine-tuning Argument [HTML]          160    Haarsma, Loren D. & Haarsma, Deborah B. New & Views
A Strategy for the Evolution Debate: A View from the Other Side of the Atlantic [HTML]          161    Barclay, Oliver New & Views
Toward an Ethics of the Human Genome Project [HTML]          164    Pun, Pattle Article
Evolutionary Psychology Challenges the Current Social Sciences [HTML]          176    Zimmer, J. Raymond Article
Evolutionary Psychology: A Paradigm Whose Time May Come: A Response to J. Raymond Zimmer [HTML]          185    Bufford, Rodger K. & Garrison, Jonathan M. Article
Religion and the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence [HTML]          194    Spradley, Joseph L. Article
The Prospects for a Theistic Science [HTML]          205    Pennock, Robert T. Communication
Did Israel Cross the Red Sea? [HTML]          211    Tanner, William F. Communication
Reply to Tanner [HTML]          233    Morton, Glenn Letter to the Editor
On Pearson’s Lament: Codes, Morals, and Ethics [HTML]          234    Siemens, David F., Jr. Letter to the Editor
Book Reviews [HTML]    

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