Science in Christian Perspective

Letter to the Editor


Missed the Point

Martin E. W. Luther

6941 Morgan South
Minneapolis, MN 55423

From: PSCF 50 (June 1998): 155.

I have just received the March issue of your journal, in which my book, The Infinite Voyage: A Metaphysical Odyssey, is reviewed (p.60). I wish to thank you for the review, but I must be frank in saying that I am quite disappointed with it. It is clear that the reviewer has wholly missed the import of the book and its inspirational message. What he cannot fit onto his procrustean bed of Christianity is, in his opinion, not to be recommended for "further study." He has selected a very few phrases in the book to make his point that I "appear to reject Christ as the Messiah." If this narrow criterion of truth is the lens through which he views ultimate reality, then I pity him, for he is not truly an educated man. He distorts my meaning of the phrase "idealization of the self" (concluding paragraph) by repeating it as "realization of the self." I have, moreover, nothing in common with his depiction of my message as "new age thinking."