Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith

Volume 50 Number 1    March 1998

Thursday or Friday? [HTML]          1    Haas, J. W., Jr. Editorial
From the ‘Ideal’ to the ‘Real’ World [HTML]          2    Anonymous Young Scientists' Corner
Strange Bedfellows [HTML]          4    Chadwick, Arthur New & Views
Directed or Adaptive Mutation? [HTML]          4    McCarrick, Alan New & Views
Creation Care and Character: The Nature and Necessity of the Ecological Virtues [HTML]          6    Bouma-Prediger, Steven Article
The Scientific Status of Theology: Imre Lakatos, Method and Demarcation [HTML]          22    Peterson, Gregory Article
Evangelical Protestant Response to the Ecological Crisis [HTML]          32    Ball, Jim Communication
God and Mathematical Infinity [HTML]          40    Kneale, Brendan Communication
Review: Facets of Faith & Science edited by Jitse van der Meer [HTML]          46    Bube, Richard Communication
Response to David S. Siemens, Jr. [HTML]          74    Busen, Karl M. Letter to the Editor
Response to Adam Drozdek [HTML]          75    Busen, Karl M. Letter to the Editor
God’s Action in Nature [HTML]          75    Miller, Keith B. Letter to the Editor
Corrections on McGrath’s “Soteriology: Adam and the Fall” [HTML]          78    McGrath, Gavin Basil Letter to the Editor
On McGrath’s and Morton’s Speculations: Cogent and Strained [HTML]          78    Siemens, David F., Jr. Letter to the Editor
Book Reviews [HTML]    

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