Science in Christian Perspective

Letter to the Editor


Corrections On McGrath's "Soteriology: 

Adam and the Fall"

Gavin Basil McGrath, ASA Friend
34 Mill Dr.
North Rocks, N.S.W., 2151 Australia

From: PSCF 50 (March 1998): 78

I write to correct three editorial misunderstandings of my article, "Soteriology: Adam and the Fall" in PSCF 49 (1997): 25263. Firstly, it is editorially described as "Concordistic" (p. 211). I consider that a broad context requires creation ex nihilo "in the beginning" and a geocentric model is isolated in Gen. 1:13, that human beings were created after the other things because they are made to "have dominion" over them (Gen. 1:2628), and that God rested at the end of the Creation Week (Gen. 2:13). But I do not think that the events between Gen. 1:3 and Gen. 1:26 are arranged sequentially in some "concordistic" way.

Secondly, at p. 257 after "I note that beads made from meteoric iron dating from c. 3500 B.C. or earlier have been found in Egypt," my sentence "and surface deposits of copper were used in sixth millennium B.C. Asia Minor" has been omitted. Thus the following sentence, "This shows what may have been the source for such metals" gives the erroneous impression that I think copper may have come from meteors, whereas I only think that iron may have derived from this source.

Thirdly, on my chart (p. 255) "Homo Erectus" was inadvertently changed to "Homo Erecutus"; and finally, the reference to James Orr at the end of endnote 16 (p. 262), The Fundamentals "Vols. 4 & 6" was changed to "Vols. 486."