March 1998 Index -- Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith


Haas, Jr., J. W. "Thursday or Friday?" 50:1, 1, M 1998.

Young Scientist Corner
Anonymous. "From the `Ideal' to the `Real' World," 50:1, 2, M 1998.

News & Views
Chadwick, Arthur. "Strange Bedfellows," 50:1, 4, M 1998.
McCarrick, Alan. "Directed or Adaptive Mutation?" 50:1, 4, M 1998.

Bouma-Prediger, Steven. "Creation Care and Character: The Nature and Necessity of the Ecological Virtues," 50:1, 6, M 1998.
Peterson, Gregory. "The Scientific Status of Theology: Imre Lakatos, Method and Demarcation," 50:1, 22, M 1998.

Ball, Jim. "Evangelical Protestant Response to the Ecological Crisis," 50:1, 32, M 1998.
Kneale, Brendan. "God and Mathematical Infinity," 50:1, 40, M 1998.

1998 Donors, 50:1, 44, M 1998.

Essay Reviews
van der Meer, Jitse M., Ed. Facets of Faith & Science, 50:1, 46, M 1998. (Richard Bube)

Book Reviews
Angier, Natalie. The Beauty of the Beastly: New Views of the Nature of Life, 50:1, 73, M 1998. (Dorothy J. Howell)
Carroll, John E., Paul Brockman, and Mary Westfall, Eds. The Greening of Faith: God, the Environment, and the Good Life, 50:1, 66, M 1998. (Fred Jappe)
Cranfield, C. E. B., David Kilgour, and John Warwick Montgomery. Christianity in the Public Square: Law, Gospel & Public Policy, 50:1, 69, M 1998. (Robert A. Campbell)
Cromer, Alan. Connected Knowledge: Science, Philosophy, and Education, 50:1, 67, M 1998. (Jan de Koning)
Egan, Kieran. The Educated Mind: How Cognitive Tools Shape Our Understanding, 50:1, 68, M 1998. (Jan de Koning)
Fagan, Brian M., Ed. Eyewitness to Discovery, 50:1, 65, M 1998. (Everette Hatcher III)
Gould, Stephen Jay. Full House: The Spread of Excellence from Plato to Darwin, 50:1, 62, M 1998. (Martin LaBar)
Johnson, Phillip E. Defeating Darwinism by Opening Minds, 50:1, 63, M 1998. (Martin LaBar)
Luther, Martin Ernst-Woffgang. The Infinite Voyage: A Metaphysical Odyssey, 50:1, 60, M 1998. (Jan de Koning)
O'Connell, Marvin R. Blaise Pascal: Reasons of the Heart, 50:1, 60, M 1998. (John W. Burgeson)
Piattelli-Palmarini, Massimo. Inevitable Illusions: How Mistakes of Reason Rule Our Minds, 50:1, 71, M 1998. (Fraser F. Fleming)
Ross, Hugh. Beyond the Cosmos, 50:1, 63, M 1998. (James M. Turner)
Ross, Hugh and Rick Bundschuh. Destination: Creation, 50:1, 65, M 1998. (Richard Ruble)
Shafranske, Edward, Ed. Religion and the Clinical Practice of Psychology, 50:1, 67, M 1998. (Richard Ruble)
Smart, Ninian. Dimensions of the Sacred: An Anatomy of the World's Beliefs, 50:1, 72, M 1998. (Paul K. Wason)
Spinar, Zdenek V. Life Before Man, 50:1, 64, M 1998. (Eugene O. Bowser)
Vardy, Peter. The Puzzle of Evil, 50:1, 73, M 1998. (Richard Ruble)
Verhey, Allen, Ed. Religion & Medical Ethics: Looking Back, Looking Forward, 50:1, 66, M 1998. (Richard H. Bube)
Verschuur, Gerdt L. Impact: The Threat of Comets & Asteroids, 50:1, 61, M 1998. (Jan de Koning)
Wainwright, William J., Ed. God, Philosophy and Academic Culture: A Discussion Between Scholars in the AAR and the APA, 50:1, 70, M 1998. (Paul Copan)
Wilkinson, David. Alone in the Universe? The X Files, Aliens, and God, 50:1, 61, M 1998. (James Wing)
Young, Robert B. No Neutral Ground: Standing by the Values We Prize in Higher Education, 50:1, 69, M 1998. (Richard Ruble)

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