Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith

Volume 50 Number 4    December 1998

A Golden Moment [HTML]          235    Haas, J. W., Jr. Editorial
Called to Stewardship [HTML]          236    Althouse, H. Scott Young Scientists' Corner
Science and Faith in Norway [HTML]          240    Frette, Inge New & Views
The Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation at 50: Modest Beginnings, Maturing Vision, Continuing Challenges [HTML]          241    Haas, J. W., Jr. & Moberg, David O., Bube, Richard, Bullock Wilbur Article
Is ‘Progressive Creation’ Still a Helpful Concept? Reflections on Creation, Evolution, and Bernard Ramm’s Christian View of Science and Scripture a Generation Later [HTML]          250    Davis, John Jefferson Article
Do Phyletic Lineages Evolve from the Bottom Up or Develop from the Top Down? [HTML]          260    DeHaan, Robert F. Article
Douglas Kelly on the Framework Interpretation of Genesis One [Creation and Change: Genesis 1.1-2.4 in the Light of Changing Scientific Paradigms] [HTML]          272    Irons, Lee Communication
Paradigm Shifts in Geology and Biology: Geosynclinal Theory and Plate Tectonics; Darwinism and Intelligent Design [HTML]          276    Wiester, John Communication
Creation Science and Caring for the Creation in Korea [HTML]          279    Yang, Paul Seung-Hun Communication
The Image of God and Human Biology [HTML]          284    Ecker, Richard E. Communication
Similarities and Differences in Mitochondrial Genomes: Theistic Interpretations [HTML]          286    Mills, Gordon C. Communication
Video Review: Biological Evidence of Creation: From a Frog to a Prince [HTML]          293    Morton, Glenn Review
Video Review: Raging Waters: Uluru Is a Testimonial to the Flood [HTML]          293    Morton, Glenn Review
A Comment on Barclay’s Strategy [HTML]          304    Mills, Gordon C. Letter to the Editor
Update and Corrections to Pun’s Artilce [HTML]          304    Pun, Pattle Letter to the Editor
Book Reviews [HTML]    

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