December 1998 Index -- Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith


Haas, Jr., J. W. "A Golden Moment," 50:4, 235, D 1998.

Young Scientist Corner
Althouse, H. Scott. "Called to Stewardship," 50:4, 236, D1998.

News & Views
Frette, Inge. "Science & Faith in Norway," 50:4, 240, D1998.

Davis, John Jefferson. "Is `Progressive Creation' Still a Helpful Concept? Reflections on Creation, Evolution, and Bernard Ramm's Christian View of Science and Scripture‹A Generation Later," 50:4, 250, D 1998.
DeHaan, Robert F. "Do Phyletic Lineages Evolve from the Bottom Up or Develop from the Top Down?" 50:4, 260, D 1998.
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Essay Review
Kelly, Douglas. Creation and Change: Genesis 1.1­2.4 in the light of changing scientific paradigms, 50:4, 272, D 1998. (Lee Irons)

Ecker, Richard E. "The Image of God and Human Biology," 50:4, 284, D 1998.
Mills, Gordon C. "Similarities and Differences in Mitochondrial Genomes: Theistic Interpretations," 50:4, 286, D 1998.
Wiester, John. "Paradigm Shifts in Geology and Biology: Geosynclinal Theory and Plate Tectonics; Darwinism and Intelligent Design," 50:4, 276, D 1998.
Yang, Paul Seung-Hun. "Creation Science and Caring for the Creation in Korea," 50:4, 279, D 1998.

Video Reviews
American Portrait Films, Inc. "Biological Evidence of Creation: From a Frog to a Prince," 50:4, 293, D 1998.(Glenn Morton)
American Portrait Films, Inc. "Raging Waters: Uluru Is a Testimonial to the Flood," 50:4, 293, D 1998.(Glenn Morton)

Book Reviews
Ashbrook, James B. and Carol Rausch Albright. The Humanizing Brain: Where Religion and Neuroscience Meet, 50:4, 297, 1998. (Lee A. Young)
Early, Jay. Transforming Human Culture: Social Evolution and the Planetary Crisis, 50:4, 298, D 1998. (Jan de Koning)
Howell, Dorothy J. Environmental Stewardship: Images From Popular Culture, 50:4, 301 1998. (Harry Spaling)
Jeeves, Malcolm A. Human Nature at the Millennium: Reflections on the Integration of Psychology and Christianity, 50:4, 301 D 1998. (Richard H. Bube)
Kellert, Stephen R. Kinship to Mastery: Biophilia in Human Evolution and Development, 50:4, 295, D 1998. (J. David Holland)
Kilner, John F., Rebecca D. Pentz, and Frank E. Young, eds. Genetic Ethics: Do the Ends Justify the Genes? 50:4, 298, D 1998. (Jan de Koning)
Mathews, Kenneth A. New American Commentary (Genesis 1­11), 50:4, 303, D 1998. (Everette Hatcher III)
Murphy-O'Connor, Jerome, ed. The Holy Land: An Oxford Archaeological Guide from Earliest Times to 1700, 50:4, 303 D 1998. (Richard Ruble)
Price, Huw. Time's Arrow and Archimedes' Point, 50:4, 294, D 1998. (William Wharton)
Rees, Martin. Before the Beginning: Our Universe and Others, 50:4, 294, D 1998. (Bernard J. Piersma)
Ruse, Michael, ed. Philosophy of Biology, 2d ed., 50:4, 296, D 1998. (Pradeep M. Dass)
Scriven, Tal. Wrongness, Wisdom, and Wilderness: Toward a Libertarian Theory of Ethics and the Environment, 50:4, 299, D 1998. (Bernard J. Piersma)
Shannon, Thomas A. An Introduction to Bioethics, 50:4, 300, D 1998. (Jan de Koning)
Smith, Joseph Wayne, Graham Lyons, and Gary Sauer-Thompson. Healing a Wounded World: Economics, Ecology, and Health for a Sustainable Life, 50:4, 300, D 1998. (Jan de Koning)