Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith

Volume 49 Number 2    June 1997

God Did It, But How? [HTML]          71    Haas, John W., Jr. Editorial
Conference Report: Naturalism, Theism and the Scientific Enterprise, Austin, Feb. 1997 [HTML]          72    Grizzle, Raymond Review
Theological Reflections on Chaos Theory [HTML]          75    Davis, John Jefferson Article
The First Four Days of Genesis in Concordist Theory and in Biblical Context [HTML]          85    Seely, Paul H. Article
Natural Theology [HTML]          96    McKenna, John E. Article
Love of Enemy, Natural Law, and Medicine [HTML]          105    Kiss, Igor Communication
The Great Experimenter? [HTML]          108    Morse, James O. Communication
“Planet Earth”? or “Land”? [HTML]          111    Tanner, William F. Communication
Essay Review: American Militias: Rebellion, Racism, and Religion by R. Abanes [HTML]          116    Feucht, Dennis L. Communication
Essay Review: Contrasting Views on Behe [Darwin’s Black Box] [HTML]          119    Alfred, Braxton M. & Fulton, Alice Communication
On Moreland [HTML]          138    Krause, David J. Letter to the Editor
Moreland’s Response [HTML]          139    Moreland, J. P. Letter to the Editor
What Is Truth in Science? [HTML]          139    Nutter, David C. Letter to the Editor
God, Eternity, Time and Personality [HTML]          140    Siemens, David F., Jr.
Book Reviews [HTML]    

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