Science in Christian Perspective


God Did It, But How?

John W. Haas, Jr.
Gordon College
Wenham MA 01984

From: Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith 49: 71

I first became acquainted with the work of Indiana University chemist Robert Fischer in the 1960s when Quantitative Analysis became my choice as a text because I thought its lucid writing style would appeal to neophyte scientistsˇit did! Ten years later, science for the masses became an educational mandate. Once again Fischer came to the rescue with his Science, Man and Society which interpreted the scientific enterprise to a reluctant "other culture."

Fischer's move to Biola University saw him produce the popular first edition of God Did It, But How? His gift for clear writing distinguished this work as one which appealed to a broad audience in the Christian communityˇand beyond. Recently, Fischer was asked to do a thorough revision of the original as the benchmark offering of the ASA Press. The result is again an illuminating work dealing with issues in areas where scientific and theological interpretations interact.

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