Science in Christian Perspective



The ASA ListServ

J. W. Haas, Jr.
Gordon College
Wenham MA 01984

From: PSCF 48 (September 1996): 143.

Skeptics of internet discussion groups readily cite examples of boorish behavior, off the top of the head pontification, and a cluttering of valuable space by those who must have the last word. Our first year of experience with the ASA ListServ has seen each of these problemsˇyet the benefits far outweigh the liabilities. Participants (anyone may subscribe) ask questions, make announcements, and contribute to ongoing discussion topics.

I have suggested topics based on papers published in recent issues of PSCF. The first, a general discussion of Meredith G. Kline's "Space and Time in the Genesis Cosmogony" (March 1996) drew much attention and 
generated a debate between two list members on a related theme. The second suggestion involved papers by Richard Wright "Tearing Down the Green: Environmental Backlash in the Evangelical Sub-Culture" (June 1995), and Edwin A. Olson "A Response to Richard Wright's `Tearing Down the Green'" (June 1996). Again the response has been excellent. In each case, we have offered the articles on the ASA web site for those who do not have access to PSCF. We will continue this practice as long as there is interest.

Academics and people in industry linked to an in-house computer have quick access to the internet. Those who use a commercial service via modem from home face cost issues which are exacerbated by high volume and lengthy communications. Our list supervisor, Terry Gray, has developed a means for previewing the subject line of the communications so that one can download only mail that is of interest. Information on joining the ListServ and visiting our World Wide Web site is found on page 187. The ASA ListServ offers instant access to a wide spectrum of information and people of like faith who may become good friends through this medium. Our web site offers great potential for students and others who seek information on science-Christianity issues.