Science and Christian Faith

©1996 by the American Scientific Affiliation

Table of Contents
September 1996
Volume 48 Number 3


Haas, Jr., J. W. "The ASA ListServ," 48:3, 143, S 1996.


Bergman, Jerry. "The History of Evolution's Teaching of Women's Inferiority," 48:3, 164, S 1996.

DeHaan, Robert F. "Paradoxes in Darwinian Theory Resolved by a Theory of Macro-Development," 48:3, 154, S 1996.

Wauzzinski, Robert A. "Technological Optimism," 48:3, 144, S 1996.


DeWitt, Calvin B. "Creation and God's Judgment," 48:3, 182, S 1996.

Trenn, Thaddeus J. "Caring for Science under Friendly Fire," 48:3, 180, S 1996.


Bube, Richard H. "How Does My Faith Affect My Scientific Work?" 48:3, 186, S 1996.

Suppe, John."In response to the question of J. W. Haas, Jr., Are Evangelical Scientists Practical Atheists?" 48:3, 184, S 1996.

Book Reviews

Bono, James J. The Word of God and the Languages of Man: Interpreting Nature in Early Modern Science and Medicine, 48:3, 203, S 1996. (Lytton J. Musselman)

Boys, Don. Evolution: Fact, Fraud or Faith, 48:3, 197, S 1996. (Bernard J. Piersma)

Corey, M. A. The Natural History of Creation: Biblical Evolutionism and the Return of Natural Theology, 48:3, 196, S 1996. (Jan de Koning)

Daleiden, Joseph L. The Final Superstition: a Critical Evaluation of the Judeo-Christian Legacy, 48:3, 208, S 1996. (Richard H. Bube)

Dauber, Philip M. and Richard A. Mullet. The Three Big Bangs: Comet Crashes, Exploding Stars, and the Creation of the Universe, 48:3, 193, S 1996. (Jan de Koning)

Dockery, David S. Christian Scripture: an Evangelical Perspective on Inspiration, Authority and Interpretation, 48:3, 207, S 1996. (Eugene O. Bowser)

Dossey, Larry. Healing Words: the Power of Prayer and the Practice of Medicine, 48:3, 206, S 1996. (Edward M. Blight, Jr.)

Earman, John. Bangs, Crunches, Whimpers, and Shrieks: Singularities and Acausalities in Relativistic Spacetimes, 48:3, 193, S 1996. (Jan de Koning)

Edwards, Denis. Jesus, the Wisdom of God: an Ecological Theology, 48:3, 201, S 1996. (Andrew Bowling)

Frahm, David and Anne. Reclaim Your Health, 48:3, 209, S 1996. (Richard Ruble)

Friedlander, Michael W. At the Fringes of Science: Science, Science Contested, and Pseudo-Science, 48:3, 200, S 1996. (Daniel J. Berger)

Gilfillan, Marjorie Mary. The Bible May Agree with Evolution, 48:3, 199, S 1996. (John W. Burgeson)

Haught, John F. Science & Religion: From Conflict to Conversation, 48:3, 194, S 1996. (Richard H. Bube)

Kempton, Willett, James S. Boster, and Jennifer A. Hartley. Environmental Values in American Culture, 48:3, 198, S 1996. (Richard H. Bube)

Kitcher, Philip. The Advancement of Science: Science Without Legend, Objectivity Without Illusions, 48:3, 202, S 1996. (T. Timothy Chen)

Knobloch, Irving W. Livable Planets Are Hard to Find, 48:3, 198, S 1996. (Richard H. Bube)

Mack, Burton L. Who Wrote the New Testament? The Making of the Christian Myth, 48:3, 209, S 1996. (Richard Ruble)

Meier, Paul D., Donald E. Ratcliff, and Frederick L. Rowe. Child Rearing and Personality Development, 48:3, 205, S 1996. (Meei-ming L. Chen)

Morrill, Thomas A. Evolution as Growth of One Earth-Organism, 48:3, 198, S 1996. (Austin R. Mast)

Polkinghorne, John. Quarks, Chaos and Christianity: Questions to Science and Religion, 48:3, 192, S 1996. (John W. Burgeson)

Samuelson, Norbert M. Judaism and the Doctrine of Creation, 48:3, 200, S 1996. (Wes Harrison)

Sims, John A. Missionaries to the Skeptics, 48:3, 204, S 1996. (Richard M. Bowman)

Spradley, Joseph L. Visions That Shaped the Universe: A History of Scientific Ideas about the Universe, 48:3, 192, S 1996. (Fraser F. Fleming)

Van den Beukel, Anthony. The Physicists and God: The New Priests of Religion? 48:3, 195, S 1996. (Richard H. Bube)

Van der Zee, William R. Ape or Adam? Our Roots According to the Book of Genesis, 48:3, 197, S 1996. ((Jan de Koning)

Vilenkin, N.Ya. In Search of Infinity, 48:3, 195, S 1996. (Jan de Koning)

Wachsmann, Shelley. the Sea of Galilee Boat: an Extraordinary 2000 Year Old Discovery, 48:3, 206, S 1996. (Eugene O. Bowser)

Webster, Richard. Why Freud Was Wrong, 48:3, 204, S 1996. (Richard M. Bowman)

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