Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith

Volume 48 Number 2    June 1996

Are Evangelical Scientists Practical Atheists? [HTML]          73    Haas, J. W., Jr. Editorial
A Response to Richard Wright's 'Tearing Down the Green' [47.2] [HTML]          74    Olson, Edwin A. Article
Possible Influences of Biblical Beliefs upon Physics [HTML]          82    Murphy, George L. Article
Adam, Where Are You? Changing Paradigms in Paleoanthropology [HTML]          88    Wilcox, David L. Article
Reijer Hooykaas (1906-1994): A Modern Advocate for Philosophia Libera [HTML]          98    Leegwater, Arie Article
Stepping Back to Look at Neo-Darwinism [HTML]          104    Siemens, David F., Jr. Communication
Imposing Science on the Liberal Arts Student [Science Course Description] [HTML]          108    Giberson, Karl & Frederich, Kathy Communication
A Response to David Siemens, Jr. [re. 47:4, p. 284]          138    Mills, Gordon C. Letter to the Editor
An Answer to Touryan          139    Siemens, David F., Jr. Letter to the Editor
Tanner Revisited          139    Payne, David Letter to the Editor
Whimsy          139    Dahm, Donald J. Letter to the Editor
A Proposal          139    Gerard, W. Anthony Letter to the Editor
Response to Kline [re. 48:1 p. 2]          140    Collins, Jack Letter to the Editor
Book Reviews [HTML]    

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