Science and Christian Faith

©1996 by the American Scientific Affiliation

Table of Contents
June 1996
Volume 48 Number 2


Haas, Jr., J. W. Are Evangelical Scientist practical Atheists? 48:2, 73, J


Murphy, George L. "Possible Influences of Biblical Beliefs upon Physics,"
48:2, 82, J 1996.

Olson, Edwin A. "A Response to Richard Wright's 'Tearing Down the Green,'"
48:2, 74, J 1996.

Wilcox, David L. "Adam, Where Are You? Changing Paradigms in Paleoanthropology,"
48:2, 73, J 1996.

In Memoriam

Leegwater, Arie. "Reijer Hooykaas (1906-1994): A Modern Advocate for
Philosophia Libera," 48:2, 98, J 1996.


David F. Siemens, Jr. "Stepping Back to Look at Neo-Darwinism,"
48:2, 104, J 1996.

Science Course Description

Giberson, Karl and Kathy Frederich. "Imposing Science on the Liberal Arts Student,"
48:2, 108, J 1996.

Book Reviews

Bloom, Howard. The Lucifer Principle: A Scientific Expedition into the Forces of History,
48:2, 129, J 1996. (Wes Harrison)

Camp, Ashby L. The Myth of Natural Origins: How Science Points to Divine Creation,
48:2, 108, J 1996. (Bernard J. Piersma)

Darling, David. Soul Search: A Scientist Explores the Afterlife,
48:2, 133, J 1996. (Kenell J. Touryan)

Davies, Paul. Are We Alone? Philosophical Implications of the Discovery of Extraterrestrial Life,
48:2, 124, J 1996. (Lucas E. Morel)

Douglas, J. D., Ed. Twentieth-Century Dictionary of Christian Biography,
48:2, 134, J 1996. (Richard Ruble)

Editors of UCB Wellness Letter. The New Wellness Encyclopedia,
48:2, 130, J 1996. (Richard L. Ruble)

Eldredge, Niles. Reinventing Darwin: The Great Debate at the High Table of Evolutionary Theory,
48:2, 127, J 1996. (William E. Hamilton, Jr.)

Fraser, Gordon, Egil Lilliest and Inge Sellev. The Search for Infinity: Solving the Mysteries of the Universe,
48:2, 120, J 1996. (Jan de Koning)

Friedman, Richard Elliott. The Disappearance of God,
48:2, 137, J 1996. (Richard M. Bowman)

Gribbin, John. In the Beginning: The Birth of the Living Universe,
48:2, 120, J 1996. (Paul Copan)

Johnson, Phillip E. Reason in the Balance: The Case Against Naturalism in Science, Law and Education,
48:2, 122, J 1996. (T. Timothy Chen)

Kilner, John. Life on the Line: Ethics, Ending Patients Lives, and Allocating Vital Resources,
48:2, 130, J 1996. (Kenneth Feucht)

LaChance, Albert J. and John E. Carroll, Eds. Embracing Earth: Catholic Approaches to Ecology,
48:2, 130, J 1996. (C. R. Boardman)

Marcus, George E., Ed. Late Editions 2: Technoscientific Imaginaries, Conversations, Profiles, and Memoirs,
48:2, 125, J 1996. (John W. Burgeson)

Masson, Jeffrey Moussaieff and Susan MacCarthy. When Elephants Weep: The Emotional Life of Animals,
48:2, 132, J 1996. (John W. Burgeson)

Morgan, Elaine. The Descent of the Child: Human Evolution from a New Perspective,
48:2, 126, J 1996. (James Wing)

Nash, Ronald H. Is Jesus the Only Saviour?,
48:2, 135, J 1996. (Richard L. Niswonger)

Paulos, John Allen. A Mathematician Reads the Newspaper,
48:2, 121, J 1996. (Richard Ruble)

Pluhar, Evelyn P. Beyond Prejudice: The Moral Significance of Human and Nonhuman Animals,
48:2, 130, J 1996. (Lytton J. Musselman)

Polkinghorne, John. Serious Talk: Science and Religion in Dialogue,
48:2, 118, J 1996. (James C. Peterson)

Poole, Michael. Beliefs and Values in Science Education,
48:2, 122, J 1996. (Richard H. Bube)

Raven, Charles. Science, Religion and the Future,
48:2, 121, J 1996. (George L. Murphy)

Reynolds, Vernon and Ralph Tanner. The Social Ecology of Religion,
48:2, 135, J 1996. (Andrew Bowling)

Sayers, Dorothy L. Creed or Chaos?,
48:2, 126, J 1996. (Richard Ruble)

Schuurman, Egbert. Perspectives on Technology and Culture,
48:2, 108, J 1996. (James C. Peterson)

Sippert, Albert. Evolution Is Not Scientific: 32 Reasons Why,
48:2, 126, J 1996. (Richard M. Bowman)

Smoot, George and Keay Davidson. Wrinkles in Time,
48:2, 117, J 1996. (Perry G. Phillips)

Van Dyke, Fred, David C. Mahan, Joseph K. Sheldon, and Raymond H. Brand. Redeeming Creation: The Biblical Basis for Environmental Stewardship,
48:2, 118, J 1996. (Wilbur L. Bullock)

Verschuuren, Gerard M. Life Scientists: Their Convictions, Their Activities, and Their Values,
48:2, 128, J 1996. (Fraser F. Fleming)

Williams, Gene B. God's Chronicler: Darwin: A Discourse on How Mankind Can Achieve the Balance of Society,
48:2, 128, J 1996. (Lytton J. Musselman)

Williams, James G. The Bible, Violence, and the Sacred: Liberation from the Myth of Sanctioned Violence,
48:2, 136, J 1996. (Mark A. Strand)