Science in Christian Perspective

A Call for Papers

J. W. Haas, Jr.
Gordon College
Wenham MA 01984

From: PSCF 48 (December 1996): 215

One important aspect of the ASA's mission is to communicate the results of our thinking on Christian faith and science to the Christian public. Our web page  has instituted a Resources section which will offer basic material relating aspects of science to Christianity. Some of these articles will be reprints; most will have been written especially for this electronic resource. The articles, "Radiometric Dating: A Christian Perspective" by Roger Wiens and The Antiquity and the "Unity of the Human Race Revisited" by Davis Young are illustrative of our goals.

We seek papers over the entire range of ASA interests that clearly present the scientific information and the implications for Christian faith-papers which allow the reader to make up his or her mind. Resource Papers will differ from the usual PSCF fare in being more basic and written for a more general audience of students, teachers, church leaders and others interested in these faith/science questions. Diagrams, charts, photographs and other visual means are useful means to tell your story.

To avoid duplication potential authors must send the editor a one page outline. Manuscripts will undergo the usual review-revision process. Shorter papers on narrow themes-chaos or anthropic principle rather than cosmology or ecology-are preferred.