Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith 

Volume 47 Number 2    June 1995

Environmental Awareness [HTML]          79    Schafran, Philip Editorial
Tearing Down the Green: Environmental Backlash in the Evangelical Sub-Culture [HTML]          80    Wright, Richard T. Article
Is Mankind the Measure? Old Testament Perspectives on Mankind's Place in the Natural World [HTML]          92    Schafran, Philip Article
Should We Be Concerned About People Who Do Not Yet Exist?   [PDF]    103    Peterson, James C. Article
An Evangelical Declaration on the Care of Creation   [PDF]    110    Anonymous Article
A Theory of Theistic Evolution as an Alternative to the Naturalistic Theory [HTML]          112    Mills, Gordon C. Article
Special Creationism in Designer Clothing: A Response to The Creation Hypothesis [Moreland] [HTML]          123    VanTill, Howard J. Review
Emberger on Evil [HTML]          147    Lamoureux, Denis O. Letter to the Editor
On [J. P.] Clark [46:4, p. 242] [HTML]          148    Olson, Nate Letter to the Editor
Book Reviews [HTML]    


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