More on the Big Bang/Big Crunch

From: PSCF 44 (September 1944): 218                                                 Response: Siemens

Recently, in referring to the universe in terms of its origin at the Big Bang, I was criticized for referring to the center of the universe. Knowledgeable advocates of relativistic cosmologies, it was said, deny that the universe has a center. While of course I have been familiar with that denial, I do not at all accept it that the universe has no center.

According to the Big Bang model, the universe initially exploded in all directions outward from a single point. That point remains the central point from which expansion continues in all directions outward, and so that point is the center of the universe.

Reasonably, the term "universe" must include both material objects and the space between material objects. If extended in imagination far enough through that point at which the universe exploded, eventually both ends of a straight line would overtake material objects moving in opposite directions, and the straight line would represent the diameter of the universe. Obviously it would also represent space between material objects, therefore reasonably that space must be considered part of the universe, and reasonably the center of that line of diameter must be regarded as the center of the universe.

I contend that, at death of the physical body, each intangible soul begins a journey of allurement to the center of the universe the Alpha Point, where the universe exploded into existence a point which to approaching souls eventually becomes the Omega Point, the end-point where, gathered into vast civilizations, souls will live endless aeons of wonderfully fulfilling episodes of life.

Robert E. Crenshaw
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