Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith

Volume 46 Number 1    March 1994

Putting Things Into Perspective [HTML]          1    Haas Jr., J. W. Editorial
Conceptual Problems and the Scientific Status of Creation Science [HTML]          2    Moreland, J. P. Article
The Use and Abuse of Philosophy of Science: A Response to Moreland [HTML]          14    Meyer, Stephen C. Article
Is Creation Science an Oxymoron? A Response to Moreland [HTML]          19    Bube, Richard H. Article
Response to Meyer and Bube [re. Scientific Status of Creation Science, 46.1] [HTML]          22    Moreland, J. P. Article
Al-Ghazali Against Aristotle: An Unforseen Overture to Science in Eleventh-Century Baghdad [HTML]          26    Aulie, Richard P. Article
In Search of the Historical Adam: Part 2 [HTML]          47    Fischer, Dick Article
'In the Beginning...' I Think There Was a Big Bang! [HTML]          58    Johnson, Beverly Howard Letter to the Editor
The Death Penalty and Christianity: A Conceptual Paradox [HTML]          61    Hancock, Barry W. & Sharp, Paul M. Communication
Weister's 'Real Meaning of Evolution' [HTML]          68    Miller, Ruth Douglas Letter to the Editor
Is Fischer's Search Misdirected? [HTML]          69    Siemens, David F., Jr. Letter to the Editor
American Scientific Affiliation 1993 Annual Report          70    Zipf, Elizabeth M. & Herrmann, Robert L. Communication
Book Reviews [HTML]    

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