Putting Things Into Perspective

From: PSCF 44 (March 1994):1

Our first paper presents J. P. Moreland's case for the scientific status of "creationism." He asserts that this approach provides methodologically legitimate answers to questions problematic for evolutionary theory. Stephen C. Meyer and Richard Bube then offer contrasting views on Moreland's position. Moreland wraps up this mini-debate with his response to Bube's strong note of dissent. The place of the philosopher in the practice of science has long been controversial. Whether philosophers should (can?) be the arbiters of what constitutes science remains problematic for the working scientist. Unfortunately, the context from which this discussion arises raises such red flags for evangelicals and the scientific community that polemics rather than reason often rules the day. I suspect that we have not heard the last of this matter.

Richard P. Aulie next turns our eyes back 900 years to the intellectual world of Abu Hamid al Ghazali. This young Islamic scholar shook the foundations of the Aristotelian understanding of nature in articulating a theistic affirmation of creation. Aulie deftly links past and present in providing a rich context in tracing notions that frame modern science.

Dick Fisher closes his two-part discussion of the place of the biblical Adam in human history. He offers an analysis which should be carefully compared with more conventional evangelical interpretations.

In our first Communication, Beverly Howard Johnson offers a mother's perspective in responding to her eleven-year old daughter's questions about origins. She argues that the conclusions of science, however unexpected and challenging, should be viewed with the eyes of faith and a note of celebration.

Barry W. Hancock and Paul M. Sharp argue that the debate over the death penalty should be a matter of morality rather than deterrence. They offer a biblical case against death by state sanctioned executions.

A set of reviews of books relevant to the discussion of science-Christianity topics follows. Two timely letters are also included. This issue of Perspectives contains an unusual measure of provocative topics. We value your reasoned response.


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